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Toys, pram and thankyou

There's a been a bit of toy throwing out of the pram on here lately. LOL!

But many thanks to all the support people have given me on this forum last week. I felt so on the edge and you guys made me feel so much better and because of all YOU I am still quit. As the song goes...."you're remarkable - you really are"....

Now where's my fookin rattle!

lisa x

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Over here

your rattle that is lol .....I know was a being totally reactive in making my decision and I sincerely apologise to everyone. Why should I leave because of one, when the rest of the great are still here.

I understand the concept of the forum totally, good days, bad days, highs and lows....

What I cannot get my head around is that we are all supposed to here for one common goal and however we get there has to be all be applauded.

I have taken onboard all the good advice and will as you all rightly point out, ignore those who shake my rattle.

You really really are a wonderful bunch of people who are helping me so much get through this.

Passing the rattle on to anyone else :)

Reply for one common goal and however we get there has to be all be applauded.

It does get a bit fraught at times, Sara, but glad you've seen past that and gonna hang around for the clap...erm, the applause :)


Good you are still here.

Hi Sara ,

Glad to see you are still here. I agree with you , I feel that the common goal of each and every one of us is ultimately FREEDOM- from this terrible addiction and that we should be supporting each other along our individual journeys no matter which course we choose to take. Heres to the continuing support, empathy and understanding from the lovely people I find every single day on this form..long may it continue.



Thank you guys for your lovely words and I promise not to throw my dummy out again.

Lisa sorry for jumping on your thread, friends I hope :)

Now back to supporting and getting supported

Big hugs



good to see you're still here Sara x


Hey no worries. Just glad everyone is relatively OK and still here! LOL!

"Don't worry, be happy!"

Has everyone got the crazies today :)


Lisa x



sorry lisa i stole your rattle and thats why i wasnt there for you, so glad you've made it through as you are my mentor, i read your threads and think ohhhhhhhh so thats how it is lol.

never quit quitting

jenni x


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