I'm getting faster!

3.5 miles in about 9 and a half mins per mile! (admittedly I chose a mostly-not-uphill route today, but still!)

Could never ever have even considered running that far three months ago. Hoorah for the extra energy and determination and self confidence I got from quitting :)

Feeling good about that race for life now. If I can keep it up till July...

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  • That's BL**DY (excuse the language) FANTASTIC!!!!!! :) :) :)

    What an inspiration you are Incy.... AMAZING, I hope I can follow in your footsteps..... doing some daily light exercises to my Mp3 to get me on the road :)

  • Aw thanks :)

    I can totally recommend the C25K app - it starts nice and slowly! Good for you getting moving daily though - great start (music helps, eh?) x

  • Brilliant very well done

  • All these extra life changing choices , do give us immense self confidence, in a way because when quitting, you have to be a little selfish, to succeed, in that I mean we have to stay focused , at least for the initial weeks.

    Doing great, those times impessive

  • Hi Incy

    I've still not looked at this app but I think it's great that you and walkabout have opted to support your quit with exercise. It good to hear about your progress to as I think one of the important parts of quitting is changing a bit, however small, to cement the idea that the smoking culture is not who we are anymore. A bit deep for 9am but I know what I am trying to say ha ha. Well done anyway it's a great achievement. You'll be like road runner soon beep beep 😄

  • I do believe I actually get what you mean! Very deep for early doors...

  • Have a look Anne Marie. It's worth it, and you can take it at your own pace. The runners in my area are a non-judgemental crowd. No criticism, just doing their thing whilst I do mine. I had one comment whilst doing it in another quit in 2013 from a woman on her doorstep having a drink with mates. I passed her on the start of my 'run' and about 25 minutes later passed her again towards the end of my 'run', and she shouted out asking if I'd forgotten something, then burst into the most infectious laugh. I thought it was quite a clever comment and laughed back and called her a cheeky bugger.

    Incy - that's great. Very pleased for you. You're a minute per mile quicker than I am at the moment.

  • This was a really downhill route walkabout, and not a true reflection of my actual speed ;)

    I never see anyone but dog walkers while I'm out running, and they generally seem quite impressed with my road-runner-like motion!

  • Incy you certainly are an inspiration I hope I can achieve half your energy in the months to come - my idea of running anywhere is usually in my car, never gave it much thought to use my feet lol

  • Are you still based in the U.S Que? Because there is that stereotype that our friends over the Atlantic drive everywhere. However, I should have had an inkling as to why that might be so. It is just so vast and what seems to the eye as relatively close is miles away! On a recent visit to Miami South Beach I was intent on walking as much as I could, which on occasion got me into a few minor scrapes, like thinking it was a good idea to walk along a causeway (it did have a footpath beside it!) with temperatures in the 90's. Not my best moment. And the heat in some places, and probably the cold in others, is so much more extreme than here. I was drenched as soon as I went outside, and it wasn't due to rain; you probably didn't need to know that. So I did succumb to taxis on occasion.

  • It's funny, Que, because it was totally unintentional, me running. I just found, after the first few weeks of quitting, that I literally HAD to get moving - I was bursting with energy, so I just went along with it! No one was more surprised than me...

    And I can now, after only a couple of months, fit into clothes I haven't worn for YEARs, so it's all good :)

    walkabout - in my head you're still an outback-tramping wanderer - I like the image of you in a taxi!

  • Yes Walkabout I'm in California – I think your inkling is right on , a lot of places are further than they seem, unless of course you live right in town or urban areas. I live inland/north of the San Diego area in a smaller town where many of the homes around me are spread out on 2-10 acres rather than developments and the shops are maybe 4-5 miles away, so I almost always drive everywhere. Ah yes the Florida weather does tend to be quite sticky, on those hot days and the only way to keep dry is to be in the a/c!! Luckily we don't get much humidity here, so although it can be hot in the direct sun, you can find relief in the shade without having a complete melt down.

  • Incy - it really is amazing how one change can snowball like that and indirectly affect so many other aspects of our lives. Its definitely all good and I'm very happy for you. ( note to self - don't give away old clothes just yet)

    btw – love the “ outback-tramping wanderer” - the image is stuck in my mind now

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