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when is it day 7?'s only day five, but i'm getting there!!

hello dear friends:)

Day FIVE, as you see i have survived thus far. last night was a close call but i refused. I only hope the craves will become easier with time, but so far, even if the worst is over i still wake up thinking about a cigarette first things in the morning.

my nights improved though, only woke up once last night, and fell back asleep:)

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keep going your doing great. it will soon be a week and a good reason to reward yourself.



thanks mash:)


I'm a mess... again... why does it happen at the end of the day? :confused:


Hello Sea

Is there something you could do differently in the evenings?

Shake up your routine a bit?

You're doing SO well. And if you're a mess...well, you seem to be dealing with it.

Stay strong and determined.

And remember how much you want to stop smoking.

Write some more here

Take care



Thank you... really helps to know someone cares.

the truth is that i'm the kind of person who used cigarettes as an escape from depression. although smoking would often aggravate those feelings, but it did help when i wasn't thinking in "guilty" ways. recently i've been recovering from depression, hence felt strong enough to quit. but now i'm not sure if i feel unhinged tonight because of the absence of tobacco, or am naturally in my own sad moods, when they usually disperse by the next day when i'm not severely depressed. in any case, i feel like in moments like that i had something to do, i would i guess i have to find a different mean of staying through the sad mood....


hi sea

i see you are having a bad evening really sorry to hear that

is the rest of the day going ok?

i know we all keep saying it but you are doing so well ! you have gone complete cold turkey so body is going to feel it, but nicotene is all gone by now but the mind is strong and this is our next battle. i keep reminding myself why i wanted to quit find this helps also i have saved over £50 in just over a week!! Am going to book a city break and will have enough by christmas to pay for a late deal and fancy Dublin. I know how bad you must be fealing because keep getting moments myself but they are getting fewer!! All the hard work and pain you have already gone through has to be worth it. stay strong !! your doing Great:)


As someone who has suffered with depression for the last 25 years Im pretty sure its that your missing your nicotine, but believe me it does get better. Im only a couple of weeks ahead of you and that craving in the morning and late at night really does get weaker and weaker.

Just keep asking yourself do I really want to have to go through what happened yesterday again, or I just wont smoke today.

Please stick at it you are doing so well.

Lillie x


thank you guys so much... what would i do without you, and without this forum.. i think i'll just get to bed early tonight to escape the thoughts of nicotine and its secret pitfalls..maybe read or something, hope i can count on good sleep...:)


ps lillie, 25 years is a long time, my deep empathy and sympathy for you. i suffered bouts of intense depression now and again for about 10 years... it's..well there are no words to describe it... hugs and all the best truly, you deserve it:)


Hi SEa. Have you spoken to your gp about your depression, are you taking anti depressants? my gp has mentioned to me thatpart of the process of quitting smoking is a period of depression, after all it is a loss. A lot of us have used tobacco to manage our moods ,stress levels, that when we quit these have to be managed in other ways.there is lots of info out there providing some help with alleviating depression.excercise helps as does good diet. i personally am using antidepressants and find the online mood gym a big help, as well as coming on here .isolation is the enemy. I do hope you find a way of coming through this.



Hi Sea

Really sorry to hear you are battling with depression.

I have too in the past and taken anti-depressants, which have helped.

I read this recently ....

..its a very readable and occasionally harrowing account of the authors depression (£5.69 delivered from Amazon).

The only slight criticism is that she has obviously got enough money to not worry about it and is able to pay for long term therapy. Not always the case for the rest of us!

BUT she is very insightful and comes up with some very interesting conclusions. The ending is very positive.

It may help?

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you



Oh guys thank you...but you needn't worry my depression is not bad now. I do find myself in low moods sometimes, but most of the time i'm managing and relatively happy:)

I came off of all antidepressants few moths back, and am doing even better than when i was on them. although they did help when i was completely inert and couldn't get up...but i'm never a fan of meds in the long run, i felt plastic most of the time, and think brain meds can impede natural recovery. instead i'm hoping now that after i quit smoking, i will eat healthy, exercise and hope this will do the trick. I think afternoon blues last couple of days were really due to nicotine and smoking activity withdrawal.

Thanks for the link Elizabeth, i never really read anything besides but self-help books, so this is very interesting for me:)

Hotandcold, Dublin sounds nice..and so fancy!!;) Never been, would love ti though... I'm actually going to Cyprus tonight, to visit a friend. It's so long since i had the means to go abroad, i'm so happy. Now that i'm smoke-free i'm hoping this will happen more often!


Hi Sea,

I've got depression too, and I've had similar moments over the last couple of months. I think just changing your routine (as in not smoking) can affect your mind, a bit like a comfort blanket being taken away. I replaced the smoking with NRT, but still felt a bit out of sorts.

One thing is I hadn't realised how much smoking was a 'time out' for me, particularly when I'm in a tizz (I'm still working on replacing that).

Anyway, I just wanted to add my support, and say well done for keeping going :)



Hi Sea,

Reading a few of your posts I felt compelled to reply and try to offer my advice.

Like many others on the forum I too have suffered with depression/anxiety and like you I used smoking to fill the void in many way during my life. I've also quit cold turkey and I am proud to say I have not smoked for a whole 46 days.

Although you are finding it difficult now (as I did) each day gets better and better, the cravings become less and less, sleep gets better, food tastes better, circulation improves, skins get healthier and I’ve saved over £270 so far.

It’s a cliché but take each day at a time and try to stay away from the usual triggers just for the first couple of weeks. For example I made sure I stayed away from nights out on the booze for the first few weeks, just because I've failed that way in the past. Now I'm happy so******ing with smokers whilst having a drink and it doesn’t bother me one bit, in fact I feel sorry for them.

You may or may not of heard of Allen Carrs Easy way to quit smoking book, try reading it, it really worked for me.

Good luck and use this forum as much as possible, it really is a fantastic site for support and knowledge.



Not sure why so******ing is a swear word, lol


LMAO - Do I have to spell it the american way ? Socializing !!


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