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Day 6 and i'm getting there

Hi Guys,

New poster here but just reading the comments up until now has helped me LOADS. Just for background I'm 31 and have been a 15+ per day smoker since I was 15 :eek:

Anyhow guys I thought I would let you know IT DOES GET BETTER! I know I'm only early on in my journey but day 4/5 were complete HELL for me. I felt really angry, frustrated, tearful, tired, basically name a negative emotion and I had in in bucketloads. I was so ready to jack it all in and just light up (even thought I'd rather die early than feel like this)

Today however it feels like some kind of weight has been lifted from me. I feel brighter, healthier, my taste and smell are definitely better and I feel more like me than I have done since I first started this journey.

Big hugs and mega support to you all and whether you're on day 1 or day 100 we're all doing great just by making the decision not to smoke anymore.

Big Love


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Hi Red! Welcome & well done! :) I too feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, only on day 4 but already I feel a million times better! Like you say, it does get better..... minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day etc... luv knowing soo many other people are ditching the evil weed, gives me loads of strength! all the best!


Aww thanks LeeroySantana... have you noticed your sense of taste and smell returning yet? I hadn't paid it much heed till I had toast for breakfast and noticed that the butter tasted really buttery! :D Sounds silly but I checked the fridge in case I'd bought a different brand in error!

Well done on your 4 days so far hun. Keep it up - you're doing amazing


Thanks red! :) yes I have.... smell, taste & appetite!! How amazing it is to enjoy food again instead of eating because it's time to, if you get my drift! Have been eating alot of salt / sugary things but read that it's natural for the first few weeks! I'd rather put on a few pounds than return to the habit! Well done to you too, Day 6 is brilliant!! They say the 1st week (Hell Week) is the worst, hold on tight & don't let go, you are almost there! You CAN do it!! :D


Nope - WE can do it LeeroySantana! I've been eating everything in sight I must admit. My rationale for it is 'i can excersize off the excess weight but I can't un-inhale' :D

Bugger it if my body needs a bit of help during hellweek then it's going to get as many jellybabies as it likes!

Congrats on your sucessful soup and not cigarettes shop journey too. It's amazing how much extra cash you notice even just after a week


Oh and I'm also cold turkey too - It's nice to find another quitter who is as it seems more and more are using stop smoking meds etc. I'm not knocking them at all believe me - anything that can make you quit is good but it's nice to know someone who is experiencing the quit the same way I am!


Ha ha! Nice idiom - 'i can excersize off the excess weight but I can't un-inhale' :) I'm finding I can concentrate more now, on Day 2 I was all ready to go & get an e-cig or inhaler to stop the withdrawal but managed to crawl through! Cold turkey is the one for me! Yes the Shopping trip was a weird experience, amazing how much you associate a local shop with cigarettes but I suppose thats the only reason I use to go there, to give another £7.50+ to the government so I could feed my habit! Makes me a little :mad: but i no longer smoke so know I feel :) If you ever want a rant, then please feel free to rant at me!!


Hi Red :D and welcome to the forum

your sounding soo positive which is the best way to be

looking forward to reading some more posts from you

btw i love your name its wicked :)


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