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Wow made it

Well it's only been 3 days but a roller coaster ride I started out day 1 with a huge jump and made it through happily on the high, day 2 see me giving in to nrt and having a lozenge, I admit I was devastated I was soooo concentrated on beating nicotine I felt so much that I had failed big time, by the end of day 2 I suddenly realised I was still NOT SMOKING I was a non smoker.

Day 3 and silly me started the day again trying to abstain but eventually after tears hubby shuffled a lozenge my way and I gave in and sucked haha, today see my appointment with nhs stop smoking nurse who built me up solo much last time I went it was 2011 and on the monitor thingie measuring carbon I was a 56 extremely high, shocking now but don't remember being so shocked last time and today I was ....wait for it......a blinking 8 :-)) and although I've gone with only a handful of lozenge and a couple of vapour puffs she advised patches and also gave mini loz and some inhaler thingies, serious overload Imo and I said so but she said better prepared and will stop sudden urges.

I have decided I'm not doing a patch it's just one more thing to give up and today since 1pm I've only had 2 loz and had a go at the inhalator just to see what it's like, and I'm ok I'm still strong, have decided not to use my ecig as too much like smoking still and I'm still believing I will not smoke ever again, the urges are actually less now I know I can help them if I need too shows its a lot of mind power involved I think as my anxiety and panick made them huge, yet now I have an answer their more niggling except the odd one.

So after all that rambling I'm ending day 3 on a high...still a non smoker :-) never thought I'd get here

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Fantastic :) You sound so much more positive - and you deserve to be! A massive well done from me :D The hardest bit's nearly over! xx


And May I say delighted and happy you should be, you just keep going my lovely.

Please post if you have any issues, remember you are not quitting , you HAVE quit, blooming marvellous.

A reading of 8 is jolly wonderful, my word you have come so far, doing brillant

So look forward to you future posts



Wow, Shelly 😆 you are brill! Well done


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