Wow... only 2.5hrs in... & I'm struggling!!

OMG why is this so hard? I usually smoke up to 20 cigs a day. And because I have been trying for a baby for 2 years and have money worries I have finally took the bull by the horns so to speak to decided to do something about it! I have my first appointment at the fertility clinic on the 30th of July, and I will be so proud to tell them I'm a non smoker. I also know they will give me more help to start a family if I don't smoke.

I got up at around 7 this morning. I managed my half an hour long walk to work without buying any cigs on the way... but instead bout 3 packets of crisps, some lollies and some sweets to keep me busy lol.

But yet I can feel a horrible horrible mood hanging over me... anger probably. I have this all the time when I don't get a cig when I feel asthough I need one.

I really need some help guys. I have tried to quit so many times and I always end up giving in and going back to old ways.

Please please advice me... does it really get any easier? Or will I feel like this forever? God I feel really evil today lol xxx jane xxx

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  • Hi


    As Boudee asked , are you using any NRT. It has helped me a great deal.

    There are good and bad days but those bad days get less intense and easier to cope with as time goes on.

    You will get lots of support on here. Everyone has helped me so much.

    Barb x

  • Well because I have been referred to the fertility clinic the dr won't give me ANY NRT because it is still nicotine and it will still affect my fertility.

    He said he can give me some if I try cold turkey and don't succeed.

    But to be honest I have damage my health enough with nicotine and if I can get through this cold turkey I will be so proud of myself.

    I tried patches a few years ago and had very bad side effects from them. Plus I have no money to spend on anything like this at the moment.

    I think my main problem is keeping my hands and mouth busy!! And distracting my mind. All I can think right now is lunch time = fag break... which is what I usually look forward to. And now I need to find something else to do lol.

    But yes I would love to go cold turkey if you have any advice for that?

    xxx jane xxx

  • hi jane

    well done you! you are a non smoker!:D the first day is really hard but keep busy and keep reminding yr self why you are doing it i cant think of a better reason than yrs wow planning a baby thats fantastic i really hope all goes well for you

    how about this.. now we've all seen them, the pregnant ladies puffing away:eek: now you can say thet DEF won't be me:D

    also try drinking lots of water is one tip i've been given on here and it seems to work for me

    and if all else fails just pop outside and have a damn good scream!!

    this site is a huge help there are lots of people on here with great advice and good support have a read through some of the other posts and i'm sure you'll find loads more tips

    the best of luck today each hour is a really big achievement

    regards zoe

  • Thanks hun! I've started on the water already lol. I also can't stop eating sweets! Something I don't usually do this early in a morning lol. I think on my lunch.. if the weathers still nice, I will go and sit in the park for 10 minutes (the time it would take me to smoke the 2 cigs I usually smoke on my lunch).

    You know I always used the excuse of ''I'll just quit when I become preggers'', But when I really thought about it, with all the stress that goes with trying to quit, I didn't want to risk putting all that stress on my unborn baby. So I WILL quit smoking RIGHT NOW!!

    This is Day 1 and there is no going back, however tough it may be... I will not give up! xxx jane xxx

  • But to be honest I have damage my health enough with nicotine

    Nicotine is the addictive stuff that your brain is craving at the moment, the other stuff in cigs is far worse for your health than nicotine. If patches don't work for you there are other stuff such as gum, tabs, inhalators etc

    Remember that giving up smoking is a lifestyle change. You can't just stop smoking and not fill that time with anything! So start planning now what you will do with your extra time, hobby, exercise, go for a walk etc etc.

    If you do decide on NRT you can get it on prescription if that helps.

  • Hello Jane and welcome x x x x

    Glad your hanging in there, don't worry about the morning sweets, it's when you start cracking open the vodka at 7am you want to start worrying :D

    Just keep yourself busy as possible, maybe start something new like walking, gym, painting etc. Also a mobile thing to do when cravings hit outside, i like to apply Vaseline to my lips or chew gum.

    Keep saving up that money you would of spent on cigs to see what you have saved and spend it on yourself, you must keep treating yourself through this! self indulgence is a great motivation tool!!

    Stay strong x x ~Buffy x x

  • Welcome to the forum Jane.

    Everyone here is friendly and will give you any support or advice that you need.

    If you are finding it hard on cold turkey, I would suggest that you concerntrate on conquering your addiction first maybe with the help of NRT before trying for a baby. It is available on the NHS.

    My wife and I were very carefree as we were under the impression that we couldn't have children. She has had indermitriosis and has only 1 ovary, but last time we both quit, she ended up conceiving. So I'm guessing it must of been the smoking that was stopping us conceive before.

    Good luck with both


  • damn it no one mentioned vodka at 7am was a problem:D i like the idea about saving up for a treat what with my new and increasingly bizzare cleaning i'm going to need a manicure! my husband thinks i've been swapped for a stepford wife please god make it stop!! jane as for nrt you still have a couple of weeks before yr appointment so perhaps ask yr doc for just a weeks worth it might just give you a hand to get through the hardest 1st week

    which ever way you choose to stop the only important bit is that you did it

    keep going you're doing great see another hour gone already!:D


  • hehehe Zoe :D

    A manic vodka'd out stepford housewife what a great image rofl


  • LOL @ vodka!!

    To the person who said they managed to start a family as soon as they quit smoking (sorry I'm crap at remembering names)... in a way thats what I am hoping.. that by not smoking I will help to increase my fertility. Aswell as save more money, pay bills off quicker, feel more healthier and happier, not smell gross etc. And when I'm older I'll be more likely to be able to run around after my kids!

    I was told by the doctor that I do not release eggs hence why I have not become pregnant in the 2 years that I have been trying. so this first appiontment is the first step to getting to where I am want to be. And the becoming a non smoker will greatly help.

    I read that smoking can make women lose more eggs than usual, and that they can ''deform'' them. Also that you will have a higher risk of miscarraige and eptopic pregnancys.

    So really for the last 2 yrs I have tried eating healthily, I have tried taking vits and folic acid everyday... but I never stopped the smoking which I know will be effecting my fertility and my life.

    xxx jane xxx

    ps. I will def be sticking to cold turkey for aslong as poss

  • It's Barney by the way lol:p

    You do what ever method you feel comfortable with. Don't let anyone tell you that their way is better. We do occasionly get some people on this forum who like to preach. Just because it worked for them doesn't mean it will work for you.

    If you want to stay on cold turkey, then thats what you should do!

    You are very brave to chose this method, I'm on patches. I don't think i'd be able to suceed without them!

    Good luck!


  • oh boudee now yr just bragging! we all know that vodka on cornflakes still counts!!

  • hehehe Zoe :D

    A manic vodka'd out stepford housewife what a great image rofl


    LOL. I especially love the scissors- poised to snip open a nicotine patch.:D

  • Thanks Barney. Hey are you on Day 15 of quitting now? Well done huni!

    It's great you have 2 kids after being told you cant have any.


    xxx jane xxx

  • i agree with barney i think cold turkey is vvv brave i've tried that way in the past:eek: and found it hell in fact i've tried nearly everything before (now a champix chomper!) but however anyone chooses its the end result that is important this is however the first time i've joined a support site like this and i find it really helps

  • Sorry Jane,

    Boudee's got 2 kids, I've only got 1

    Unless the wifes not telling me something lol:D


  • To be honest I did manage cold turkey once a long long time ago and quit for a whole 6 weeks! then I started again... and 2 weeks ago I quit for a day and then gave in.

    I think when I get it into my head that I am deadly serious then there is no going back.

    I'm currently on my lunch hour. I make butties at home to bring in so I don't have to go outside, and I'm on here so I am doing well. I don't actually feel too bad at the fact of not getting to go outside for 1.

    But time will tell. they say day 3 is the hardest lol

    xxx jane xxx

  • Sorry Barney my minds not quite on the ball today huni. It's too busy concentrating on not being fed nicotine lol

    xxx jane xxx

  • Oh Boudee,

    Wasn't talking about you!!!:rolleyes:

    Talking about people in the past who have posted on here with their figures and statistics and 'its all in your mind' bulls**t (remember 'Greenrizla' posts from March)

    Sorry if it seemed like that!:)

    By the way, that thread was very entertaining to read hehehe!


  • dont cry boudee you'll only set me off! i cried at the chase(terrible sunday drama thing) on tv last night:o and this morning i screamed at hubby for not folding the towels right in the bathroom:confused: until this morning i didn't even know myself there was a wrong way!!

    one thing i'd like to ask is does anyone find themselves grinding their teeth?

  • I don't grind my teeth, but I have jaw problems, so when I'm stressed I find myself clenching my jaw together... which causes quite a bit of pain... but I've started doing that today lol.

    Also does anyone get a horrible smell come down their nose? I know it's only my first day of the cigs, but I keep getting a mega horrid whiff come down my nose... is it my lungs trying to clean or something?

    So what do you all do then to keep your mind of ciggies? I feel a right fat sod now I've eaten loads :mad: I don't think eating loads will be the answer for me lol

    xxx jane xxx

  • It is hard to keep your mind off the ciggies. Being on cold turkey, it is extra hard as all you can think about is ciggies as the brain is craving the nicotine. If at home, cleaning normally keeps my mind off it. Doing those jobs you've been putting off for a while.

    Even on NRT, I find myself eating more than usual. Remember that you can always sort out any weight you gain later on. Try to eat low calorie substitutes like celery or carrot sticks. Also go easy on the chewing gum as the sorbitol ingredient acts as a laxative if you chew too much.!

    The main one is probably... keeping yourself busy, keep you brain distracted!


  • Welcome jane and congratulations on giving up.

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel hun I promise, read week 3 "waahey no gum!" which I posted today to prove my point.

    The first week is a killer as you are withdrawing fron the not just nicotine but the habit of smoking and thats damn hard! But you can do this, if you have faith in yourself and in your future.

    Everyone on this forum will be behind you 100% as we are all in the same boat.

    Dont give up!:D

  • Hello Jane,

    How you doing after 1 day down?


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