No Smoking Day

WOW I'm not on my own!!!!

Hi everyone, I was just looking through my computer when i came across this sight and now I'm hooked and I haven't thought of a cigg for 2

I too am waking 3 or 4 times during the night and I am very warm that I have to keep my fan on all night. I am also having weird dreams.

I was a smoker of 35 cigs for 20 years and I had my last smoke on Monday the 23rd of February 2009. I am using patches and find that they take the edge of the cravings and in time I will ween myself off them. I have had a few bad days but I just take it hour by hour and get through it. I find drinking water helps.

I was very proud of myself yesterday. I went to visit my sister who is a smoker and sat having a cup of tea with her, she had a few cigarettes when I was there and it didn't bother me....right enough I only stayed an hour but I left feeling great that I didn't take one as this was my biggest fear being in the company of a smoker.

I will be logging in every day especially on those bad days for a bit of inspiration thanks to everyone for their help. keep up the great work!!!

Eileen XX

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Hi eileeng :)

Welcome to the forum and well done on your quit so far you will find all the help and support you need on here

You should read all you can as it will help you to understand what made you smoke and about your addiction read the posts on here you will find links at the bottom of lotd of them just click on them here are 2 which I found especially helpful and the more you read the easier you will find your quit

It is good that your sister smoking didn't bother you and please come here as often as you like for help or whatever that's what we are here for we all help each other as much as we can

Good Luck




Thanks Margareth, I have had a wee peek at the web sights and found them to be really interesting especially about the NRT PATCHES I am using. I will have a good read tonight when I have more time. These sights will defiantly keep me occupied every evening when the kids go to bed and give me plenty of inspiration. Thanks for the support and I will keep everyone posted.

Eileen XX


Welcome Eileeng

Congrats on your quit. You are in the right place you will have tons of support and advice. Know what you mean about your sisters I have 4 sisters that smoke at first avoided visiting them. but I go and have a cuppa now and feel proud when I leave. One of them is even talking about quitting her self. stick with us kicking the fags.HEHE xxxxx


Hi Eileen,

I also gave up on 23rd Feb. We appear to be having the same symptons although I am not suffering the weird dreams.

I am finding this site useful and I have signed up with the nicorette "activestop" plan which is helping me.

I have tended not to avoid "triggers" i.e. standing chatting to smokers at work and also having my couple of glasses of wine over a weekend.

Hope to keep seeing you here.


hi 73 ,well come to the fourm ,you just hang in there,we are all here to give all the advice and help you will need,,its not as bad as you think giving up smoking,,99% of it is al in the mind,,be strong and just keep the faith tony keep:D:D


Welcome to the forum

And you are right!!!



just found this site, its great to know that there are many more like me who are all in the same boat. I dont have any support at home, my hubby is a chain smoker and has no intention of giving up, and my daughter and son in law both smoke too.

I have tried many times in the past but have problems with NRT. Allergic to the patches, still got the scars from last time! cant use lozenges or gum so this time just down to me and many bottles of water, which i carry with me and drink every time i get a craving for a cig. Seems to be working at the moment, I am on day 8 and up to now, have not really suffered with the mood swings, depression, sleeplessness, nightmares etc that i always had when i gave up before. Maybe this time is the right time for me.

I gave up when I suddenly realised that it is exactly 40 years this month since i had my first cigarette, and what a waste of money and health over all these years.

i will be returning to this site frequently as every bit of help and support is welcome.


Welcome to all of you! It can be tough when others around you smoke but try and turn it to a positive thing. They smell. And pay to smell. And pay to be controlled by something that makes them smell. You are strong and are achieving a truly brilliant thing. Something that will give you greater energy, more money, less wrinkles, longer life and make your self confidence soar. You will become a normal person. Not an addict. And you won't smell. xxxx


hi to you new quitters and wellcome to the fourm,,,,fionacox post says it all,cant say much more,other than that,, just take it on day at a time and most of all keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D


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