Losing track of days

I am losing track of how many days since I quit, must be a good sign I'm not counting the days anymore. It's becoming more normal now not to be smoking. I still think of smoking now and then but it's not a continuos thought anymore. If anyone had told me during that first week I could go for hours without even giving smoking a thought just 6 weeks later I wouldn't have believed them. It's been so worth the early struggles.

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  • We're almost parallel with our quit, and I have some of the same experiences you do, Spanish Eyes. I have to stop and work out how many days I haven't been smoking. That might be more to do with my memory than anything else, but hey, it doesn't matter. I do know we're at six weeks later on Friday. Congratulations to us! A fine achievement

  • A mighty fine achievement to the two of you.

    Absolutley fantastic, your winning the war, feels so good doesn't it?

  • That's really great news, Spanisheyes and Walkabout! I've always believed that in the beginning it's normal to be aware of the number of days since you quit. It's even normal to know roughly how many weeks, months, or years it has been. But, I find it slightly disturbing when I see posts saying something like "it's been 237 days since I quit", or even worse "it's been 1184 days since I quit." The very fact that you're no longer counting the days is a great sign that you're already detaching yourself from your smoking past.

  • That's a good sign, well done to both.

  • I am so pleased for both of you. I am about 7 weeks now and think it's amazing we started here roughly together and can now say we don't think about the struggle every minute. Here's to it getting even better x😃

  • Adding my congratulations and agreement that it's FABULOUS that we're all doing so well! Getting better all the time :)

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