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Hello All xx I am on day 18 of giving up smoking after 30 yrs. I found the first 2 weeks fairly easy (cold turkey) but wierdly have found week 3 much harder. I can't stop eating!! Tonight I have had to resort to elasticated pj's as my very skin feels too tight!! Have come up to bed (with choc digestives) as I have had enough of it all for one day!!

Though I would introduce myself as you all sound so nice ☺

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Hello hattie, im on a glass of milk here. If there are any choc biscuits left send them my way!

I chose my name as I truly felt that I was starting life. What has made you choose yours? Anything to do with bling? Quitting after 30 years is absolutely amazing. Is this your first quit? And reason to stop now? I'm interested as 30 years is such a long time to smoke for. I suppose when your ready your ready.

WEll I hope you settle in well, there's lots of room and everybody here is always moving rooms so you will meet new people. I have a spa which you can use when you see fit, just leave some bubbles for the rest of us! :)


Hello x I was smoking for 30 years too, and have put on weight since I stopped smoking. I didn't worry about what I ate in the early days as long as I wasn't smoking. I've got pear drops handy even now and I'm coming up to 6 months. The weight does settle, so unless you have a health issue I would just concentrate on quitting.

Week 3 is hard, non smokers won't understand you still need support and smokers will be getting upset with you for losing a smoking buddy, you can't win, lol. Don't think there are many ex smokers who would describe week 3 as a walk in the park, I was short tempered, shouty and looking for fags and then remembering I didn't smoke any more. Really hard.

Enjoy the choccie biscuits and then take a deep breath and realise you don't cough any more :) x


Thanks, Caroline. I think you have a point about quitting one thing at a time - been trying not to eat too much - too hard.

I'll get down the shops now for some refreshments! x


Hattie, welcome aboard!

I agree with Caroline, eat away until you feel like you've really quit smoking, deal with the weight another time (see my signature!)

Day 3, week 3 and month 3 are often said to be horrors (touch wood I got through the first two unscathed - month 3 is round the corner though!) so hang tight and it should pass...

Early nights were a key factor in my first few weeks, too :)

Good luck, and stay with us, we really are lovely ;)


Just popping in with a massive hello, and well done to you. Yes eating copious amounts of food is quite the norm when quitting the smokes, but the good news is you can indeed diet, when your much comfiest in your quit.

Doing fantastic , all that nicotine out your noddy, brilliant, look forward to your future posts,


Oh my goodness. Thank you so much, it's like a load of big sisters turning up to hold my hand xx just when I was feeling so alone and misunderstood...

I think I'll have a lemon sherbet to celebrate.


Chuckle! That's so sweet :) You're never alone here, Hattie!

Lemon sherbet sounds good...


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