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Popping in to say hello, I've been reading the posts but never actually joined but I really do need the support.

I'm 37 and I have had 2 Spontaneous pneumothorax's, the first was 5 years ago whilst I was pregnant, they thought it was caused by the pregnancy and the second was 3 months ago. I had a chest drain this time and all sorts of scans and the consultant said he could see some damage which could be the start of Emphysema. I gave up for 8 weeks going cold turkey but started again Christmas week.

I am also going through a separation and I'm determined to succeed this time. I am currently on day 13 and using patches, chewing gum and the inhalator for when things get tough.

I did have one smoke on day 8 when things were really bad and it made me feel sick and it tasted disgusting and I've not touched one since or even thought of having one.

So here's to a long and happy journey to us all, and looking forward to my anniversary when I can finally say I am a non smoker.

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...looking forward to my anniversary when I can finally say I am a non smoker.

You already CAN say that, you don't 'qualify' after a year! It's a state of mind that some people manage to achieve very quickly whilst others struggle for far longer - and it's for you alone to judge when that time has come.

So wonderful to have you with us, and many congratulations, just sending some luck your way.

Please post and read often I find it helps

Now let's make 2015 the year you want it to be, all smoke free

A big welcome from me too, Madmummy (great name by the way! :))

You couldn't find a better forum than this one. Everyone without fail is lovely and the collective support, advice, wisdom and hunour is second to none. Post whenever you can and someone will be here to help/emphasise/send hugs your way/laugh with you or whatever seems appropriate.

You have the best of incentives to make this your Final and Forever Quit and we shall all be rooting for you and sharing your journey to permanent freedom. All the very best to you. :D

Bonjour! .

Thank you all for making me feel welcome. I am so glad I found this site, it's definitely what I need, as it is just me and my babies I do need somewhere to moan and to feel good about what I'm achieving. I really wished I found you all back in Nov when I started this journey.

Its funny though even though I've gone through a break up from my partner and I'm raising the children myself, the thought of getting Ill from smoking and them having no one is what's keeping me going.

I am probably going to be posting daily, that and having a major cleaning addiction at the moment is what keeps my mind off craving but as long as it keeps away those poisonous nasty little sticks, I'm all for that.

Hey MM welcome officially from me... although from what you say you have been skirting this forum for a while. .. Please do post anytime that you need a rant or just want to put anything out there, this has definitely been a deciding factor for me and I would recommend it to anybody.

So put your feet up and enjoy your room, but don't get too cosy as it will soon be time to move again :)

Thanks everyone, was a funny old day today, I had quite a few cravings and so so much Irritability but I kept chewing the gum and sucking on that inhalator and I'm feeling so much better. Saw the smoking nurse today and she made me do the blowing test, 2 weeks ago it was 28 and bleeping on red, today was 2 with 2 little green dots showing. Yay go me. I counted the money I have been putting in each day and I have saved £79.48, I feel so guilty, so many times I've said the kids we can't do something because we couldn't afford it and I've been wasting all that money. I feel so ashamed of that, but on a positive note we are planning to do something special in half term which is in 2 weeks and I WILL have saved at least £160. Just got to decide what we will do. Also my little girl said to me this morning "Mummy you don't smell like Daddy anymore, I like your smell" she's only 5. So I'm day 14 today do I join the week 2 group or week 3 (sorry for such a stupid question)

Super news, well done you xx

A..what a fantastic post Madmummy! :D

What are you planning to do to celebrate in half term? I hope the celebration will involve something special for you as well as your family. You certainly deserve it.

Yaaaay that woman! :)

Such a lovely post, and my word how well your doing, please don't feel guilty, about what you have spent, we've all done that, be happier In the realisation, that you have saved some cash, much healthier now, so mabe go wild and do something crazy. Your kids will love

Doing great well done you my lovely

Welcome from a fellow lone parent. Stick at it. The pay-off is really, really worth having.

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