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hi , im new to this site , and ive just finished day 16 of quitting today .I am quitting using patches and have just cut down from the 21mg patch to the 14mg , and im finding it very tough - i actually almost smoked today , then i found that my patch had fallen off , which must have been a couple of hours ago - cos i found it upstairs:rolleyes:

I am quitting for all the usual reasons - which are all really important,but i need someone to talk to about it - as my family has had more than enough of me rambling on, but i just cant get it off my mind yet

looking forward to getting to know other quitters out there:)


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thanks Karri - its good to know that there are others out there going through the same thing - in my circle of friends/family i am the only one who even trys

Thanks - I have been reading quite abit - just wish i could make the journey a little easier - the thing i hate most is taking it out on others around me, and generally turning into a tired mr grumpy.

I try to stay positive - but have small bouts of depression, which i really struggle through - then my brain says a fag will make me better - and i just want to scream:(

will do abit more reading tonight - noone will follow me - ooking at the fuss im making - they wil all steer well clear:D

I will sure keep trying

how long have you been quit for Karri?

arrrr that is a shame - i to have failed - this is my 7th attempt - i feel like i cant beat this - but im kind of hopeing this numb feeling towards quitting is what will pull me through this time - i have so much had enough

i have done best on patches - but over a short period (4 weeks) so that is what im going for again this time.

you will know when your ready

Hi Daizy

Brilliantly well done on your 16 days. Fantastic!

Think you may be going through the dreaded 3s!. Its the 3 hour, 3 day, 3 week etc syndrome. Sounds weird but does seem to effect people. Stick with it. You've done brilliantly so far.

thanks dale - yea im sticking at it - not enjoying it mind - i failed in month 3 last time - so maybe it does have somthing to do with 3s

the thing i hate most is taking it out on others around me, and generally turning into a tired mr grumpy. :p

Don't worry about this bit - that whats friend and family are there for!

They are either still happily smoking in which case they're only useful for sniffing. Thus making you feel massively superior as you realise how grim you used to smell.

If they don't smoke then HOW THE HELL DO THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH. So clearly they deserve to share some of your suffering!!

Everyone in my life is intensely annoying right now. I am the only perfect one. Obviously.:D


oh yes - now you say it like that - im sure they deserve it:D

they smell horendous these smokers i honestly didnt realize i smelt that awful it makes me heave now i can smell a smoker at 100 yards away now lol and u know what if i smell cigarette smoke i can look around the crowd and pick out the smoker by looking at there faces even before i see whos holding it

because they always look like the ill haunted one ,

did i look ill and haunted wen i smoked? i guess i must have done

i have noticed my eyes and skin have changed for the better

*casually checks breath* :o :D

:eek: Oooops Sorry Karri forgot you're between quits at the mo. Because your advice is always top I think of you as a no-smoker. Hey you will be any moment.

Made me laugh a lot though and know this is what you meant!


sorry i forgot to

Hi Daizy

I am on day 16 and on 21mg patches too. The doctor said she won't lower my dose for the first 6 weeks (guideline on pack also says this) so if you struggle on the lower dose maybe consider upping them again for a couple more weeks.

You are doing great! :)

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