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My name is Kriste and I'm 32. I first started smoking as a teen, but I never got addicted then. I would have a smoke occasionally. I quit for a few years and then I met my husband, who is also a smoker. I began smoking in 2000, but I still wasn't addicted. When I found out that I was pregnant in the fall of 2000, I quit cold turkey. WHY I began smoking again after she was born, I can't tell you. But, needless to say, I really need to quit. I was up to 3 packs a day and I woke up this past weekend wheezing. I couldn't breathe. So...yeah, I definitely am ready to quit. I've tried to quit before with the patch and nicotine gum. Neither helped. I've also tried Chantix. It didn't really do anything for me, either. So here I am, back at trying it cold turkey. It's difficult to find ways to keep myself busy, though. And, my junkie mind keeps telling me that I need a smoke. UGH. This bites. haha.

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Hi Kriste and bestsmileys.com/welcome/16.gif to the forum!

You've made such a great decision - one which you'll never regret!

I really hope it goes well for you, as Boudee says: we're all here for you!:)

Thank you. I do appreciate the support. We ALL know how hard it is to quit smoking. Like I said before, I'm doing this cold turkey, but will Chantix help with the cravings/withdrawal symptoms? Curious. I hate the feeling of needing a smoke. So perhaps I will take a Chantix to see if it helps.

everyone will come to you with a different opinion but I would say that as you have already quit just keep up the excellent work without introducing other drugs into your system.

You are doing ace all on your lonesome.


:) Ah, thanks. I'll just NOT take the pill.

How is NC this time of year, The company I work for has its head office in Greenville SC which is a lovely place.

Well done on the no pill decision and best of luck, with a little determination you will make it.


It's actually really cold today. Last night it was down to 28 degrees. I think it's about 40 now, but it doesn't feel like it, because of the wind.

And, thank you.

Hi Kriste,

WELCOME to the forum! You have made the best decision EVER! You can do it. Keeping yourself busy can be a bit challenging when the only thing on your mind is smoking. Have a bath or do some cooking, i found those helped me as it's quite hard to puff away in the bath lol. Try napping or typing on here, drawing, talking on the phone, watching a movie, doing the dreaded housework :rolleyes: anything you feel will take up time. Remember cravings only last 3 minutes so fight through it and know we are here for you! Cheers! :D

WELCOME to the best forum on the net. you will get support and the experiences of others. we all simply have one goal, [ not to smoke ] by any means that works for you. we all have different paths, yet all aim for the one goal, GOOD LUCK and heres to a smoke free christmas Yesssssss ! X X X

Hi again.. just to be sure, here's my 2 pennyworth on Champix (or Chantix over there!). Taking 1 will not do anything, if you've already quit, then good work and keep it up! If you hadn't already quit, I would support the use of Champix since it's the only thing which has worked for me, doesn't mean it'd work for you.

Sometimes people might get the impression that there are some on here who think that it's 'better' to go cold turkey.. It's 'better' to do whatever works for you so I say "Well done for quitting, however you do it":)

Sorry, bit longwinded but couldn't say it with fewer words!:D

Hi Kristie,

Well done on deciding to quit. You'll find all kinds of support here.

Pop in often!

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