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Hello all,

I'm having another attempt to give up smoking. I was on a cold turkey quit for a few days but just couldn't make it :mad: I ended up in tears in the end, this is what this nasty drug can do, I don't mind saying.

Last night I caved in and ended up smoking a few cigarettes.

I suppose allot of people would then give it at least two or three weeks before trying again, but to be honest I just don't want to, I want to go straight back to not smoking. I'm going to try using the gum this time, I have some I had stashed away from a previous quit attempt but I never actually stopped smoking while I was using it :eek: This time I'm attempting to not smoke at all and just chew the gum when I go mad.

The last cigarette I smoked was at 11:48am today, sunday 2nd December (yes I wrote the time down, sad eh :o ) It was raining outside and windy and the weather is generally terrible. I remember when I was quitting before, and the weather was like this, longingly thinking how nice it would be to be smoking a cigarette, looking out of the window at the rain and wind. This time I had the cigarette and was looking out of the window longingly thinking about how nice it would be NOT to be smoking, and not enjoying the cigarette at all.

I think this shows how much of a fantasy we make of smoking, its the idea of cigarettes thats so attractive, but when we are actually smoking them, we never really enjoy them.

I look forward to reading other peoples experiences on the forum and hopefully this time next week I will still be smoke free, with the help of the nicotine gum and the support of the forums here :D

10 Replies
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Hello Degoba and welcome to the forum!

Well done on your decision to stop smoking again!

If you are struggling to quit on cold turkey then I think it is a good idea to use an aid like the gum, however it's not a miracle cure and you still need to use willpower aswell to succeed.

If you find that the gum isn't helping, there are many other aids such as




Nasel spray

And of course there are other aids such as Zyban or Champix.

And of course Allen Carr.

You can find info on these products if you do a search on the net or have a look on this forum as there is loads of helpful info here.

Oh and 1 more........... This forum is a great aid to your quit.

It's good to talk to people who are feeling the same as yourself and the encouragement from this lot is brilliant!:D

Good luck with your quit!;)

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Best of luck Degoba

For details of most of the medications availble to help look here Medicines to help you quit

Zyban is working for me

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Thanks for the replies guys. I've tried most of the aids you've mentioned. Apart from the Zyban and this Champix one, which scare me a bit. Not sure about them and need to do my homework on them really.

Thanks again :D

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

This forum helped me so much when i started my quit in september but then i stupidly thought i could have the odd puff to get me through some stressfull times. I stopped coming on here and started to fail miserably.

So i am back. We can do this together. Day 1 again for us both. x

Yeah we can do this.

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Hi welcome to the forum! You can do it this time :D

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Thanks so much for all your replies guys. Annoyingly I crumpled again earlier, I know pathetic eh :mad:

I will start properly again tomorrow. I will do this. No smokes as from tomorrow !

I'll post an update tomorrow when I get to work.

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Here goes again! I've had my first bit of gum for the day and I dont want a ciggy. Today I will not smoke

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Hello again Degoba,

Thought your name looked familiar yesterday!:confused:

Now i've seen your signature I'm definetly sure!::rolleyes:

Great name !;)

Good luck today!:D

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Well done Degoba, your very brave to wade straight back in. This proves your determined to quit. Its so easy to say i cant do this and forget all the rewards . Stay with us we have all had our ups and downs but have one common goal. OUIT NICK good luck x

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Thanks for all your kind words.

Today is going ok, the gum seems to hit the spot so far (I know its only the morning but its a start) and I havnt really been inclined to go out of the office for a smoke at all.

The fun bit starts when I get home tonight and want one. Determined not to though, I'll chew and chew until my face turns blue :-D

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