Chest infection

Got a bad chest infection now on steroids and antibiotics. Glad I quit smoking 5 weeks ago I dread to think how much worse it would be if I hadnt. Bit upset by it though didn't expect to have a wheezy chest and cough after 5 weeks. Other than that I'm good, got over the mad mad cravings I had the other day. I've binned the ecig now I did expect to miss it but I havent so I think I'm on my way to be a true non smoker

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  • Hope the chest infection clears up soon, it does take a while for lungs/chest to recover for smokers. It's nice when you notice breathing has improved. x

  • Am quite right would o f been so much harder if you had still been smoking, just horrid when you feel quite poorly.

    But my word what a great trooper you are.

    Get better soon, and a huge well done

  • Nice on on carrying on, hopefully your body is cleaning up and you feel better soon

  • Hi Spanish Eyes!! Sorry you are ill now but congratulations on being smoke-free! Just know that you have done a very great thing and you should be very proud of yourself! I hope you feel better soon!

  • Ouch, poor you, spanish :( Feel better soon (you'll recover faster now you don't smoke!) xx

  • I also think I may have developed a chest infection.... running a bit of a temperature and wheezing. The other day I decided to test out my new capacity lungs and power walked up a small hill - wow - needed about 10 minutes to recover - couldn't breath and had to use my inhaler. I was so upset about this but that night had a temperature and felt unwell - so something else seems to be going on. Still tender today - will see how it goes.... :)

  • Ouch, spanisheyes, poor you! At least you get to convalesce in the sun...does that help at all? Get well soon x

    And sympathy to Celestine, too x

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