No Smoking Day

Day 10. Celebrations and chest infection!

Well, the reason my cough was so so bad was due to a nasty chest infection! On antibiotics and looking forward to a break in this terrible hack. Doc told me to rest so have been on my own all day. Not one crave of any worth! Also, I have just put in my application to become a trampoline coach again. Course is £200, not had the money or the energy to do it before so it feels like a great achievement to do this! Loving not smoking. Love the freedom and the choice I suddenly have. Love my kids not smelling me smell of smoke, love the fagless fag ash lil I now am! Love the taste of my tea and the loss of the foul taste of smoke, the weight of my wallet and the weight off my mind! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

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Well done Fiona

10 days is fantastic you always sound so good. You have come a long way in the last 10 days. CONGRATS to you.xxxxx


Congratulations Fiona on reaching day 10,you are very positive,the best way to be.


thank you. Some days not as good as others but like to celebrate as well as moan. I have said this before, but its totally down to this forum and those who post on it, and posting support to others and the links that are posted that have put me in the right mental state to quit so positively. Thank you all. xxxx


Hi Fiona - 10 days is fantastic! It really does continue to get a little bit easier every day (with the odd tough moment thrown in to keep you on your toes!!).

I thank this forum too - I really don't think I could have got this far without it. The trouble is, I must have a very addictive personality because I find myself addicted to this forum now!


Hi Fiona

Well done you 10 days already sorry you have a nasty chest infection well done also on deciding to become a trampoline coach again what a lovely way to spend some of the money you will be saving


Margxxx :D


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