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My Chest Feels Crappy

Morning All

2 weeks today and absolutely delighted to be smoke free. However, my chest feels so constricted in the mornings it's as if I've smoked 20 fags the night before. I don't think I can breathe as deeply as I could whilst smoking either. Reading around it seems to happen to some people when they stop so I'm not overly concerned - just a bit disappointed. I was looking forward to feeling better NOW, but healing, after 35 years of damage, is not going to happen overnight - the inner child is screaming 'I want it now'.

I'm glad my mind is in the right place on this quit, if it wasn't I'd tell myself I felt better smoking so what's the point of staying stopped. But, then again, health isn't the only reason I stopped. My wife hadn't kissed me for 2 years as she found fag-breath so repellant; now she has a sparkle in her eye.;) Yesterday I cuddled my 4 week old grandson and felt so proud. My daughter looked at me and said "You look as if you're glowing dad - you look fantastic". Today we have our 'horrible' 2 year old grandson who screams when he can't get his own way - I'm 51 and it's like looking into a mirror:eek:

I'm going to go with the flow today and enjoy or endure whatever comes my way.

Have a great day everyone.

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Well done YorkSX. You must be so chuffed people around you who love you are seeing such a difference in you.

Hope your chest starts to feel better soon. I noticed a benefit immediately chest wise, cos I have asthma and could tell from my peak flow there was a quite a difference....and my almost permanent cough disappeared.

However I did expect to be absolutely brimful of energy within a few weeks of stopping, but that just has not happened and I am lazing about with no motivation to get up and do anything.

Good luck with the terrible twoer... we were run off our feet with ours last weekend. They are exhausting aren't they? Gorgeous, but exhausting.


Hi YorkSX, im so glad for you. Im feeling much the same as you. So blinkin' proud and love seeing my kids so proud too. (just got to help wife quit now).

I am 1 week behind you but like becky ive only noticed improvements in my chest since day 2. On days 1 and 2 it was a little tight but feels great now. I feel like i could breathe in all the air in the world.

Im sure its fine but keep and eye in it.

enjoy your sunday.



York you are doing so very well and I know you wont let this deter you. There will be so many changes for the better going on inside you........its crap that its making you feel worse (for now).....but be assured your clever body is busy working like the clappers to make you feel better. You will get there. One thing I would add is that I wasnt really aware how much better my lungs were until I got my bike and really started using them and pushing myself. I'm convinced that the excercise.....and increased heartrate etc....speeded up the rate at which my breathing improved.....and forced my lungs, heart, chest etc to start working together and performing more like the well-oiled machine they used to be.

PS 2 year olds. I love 'em. Little portable, silly, sweet-faced, monstrous,demanding yet delightfully gullible poppets :D


Hi York ,it was my experience to also have a tight chest during the early part of my quit, the tightness was followed by a loosening up phase then back to tightness and now it feels fine. my breathes are deeper and i can cycle for 20 miles and not feel out of breathe . a sore bum but breathing. im almost 12 months quit and the benefits are better than i ever imagined. keep going ,it does get better.



Thanks for the re-assurance, it makes a massive difference knowing others have gone through, and overcome, similar instances.

I'm enjoying the quit too much to let it be a problem. But off to the gym more regularly.


Thanks for the re-assurance, it makes a massive difference knowing others have gone through, and overcome, similar instances.

I'm enjoying the quit too much to let it be a problem. But off to the gym more regularly.

Well done you!

I've been feeling a bit breathless but i'm convinced that its all to do with lungs healing, i wasn't going to walk away from almost a couple of decades of chuffing and be totally fine straight away i reckon, so i'm holding on and think that it'll all be right enough soon enough....

i too for the first time ever have joined a gym... just waiting for the membership to come through and then will b e stretching these lungs and showing them a thing or two... x


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