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Niggling Little Thoughts


As a smoker, you are no doubt aware of niggling little thoughts about smoking that bother you from time to time. But, you go through life from day to day buying and consuming cigarettes. You look forward to smoking. However, you also know that there are consequences to your habit.

Anyone who has smoked for long enough has certainly questioned themselves about the following statements:

1. Tobacco is expensive, and it will continue to increase in price, indefinitely

2. Cigarettes are known to cause cancer and other illnesses

3. Smoking is seen as less and less acceptable in the workplace and in society in general

4. Having to keep up with purchasing your supply of cigarettes and lighters is a chore

5. Burning holes in your clothing and furniture is costly and dangerous

6. Restrictions on places where and when you can smoke is causing you stress

7. Having to smoke outside in extreme weather (cold, snow, rain, heavy winds) is a pain

8. Smoking in a car with children on board, in front of children or near children, makes you feel guilty

9. Lighting up when you’re ill seems ridiculous, but you have to do it anyway to get your nicotine fix

10. Quitting smoking seems so difficult that you would rather ignore the burdens of being a smoker

Tobacco addiction, like many other addictions, will easily carry you through life from one day to the next until a crisis occurs. If you never stop to think about what you are doing, the good intentions that you had to give up at some point may never materialize, and you may be faced with the consequences of your lack of action. Why not choose to change your life today instead of waiting until it becomes it’s too late?

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