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Something strange!!!

OK after the awful 2 minutes of yesterday something has happened!!!!!

Normally as soon as I wake up I slap on my patch, well it seems yesterday I never, I remember going to put it on and then getting up to put my youngest mad baby back to bed ( this was at 5am!!). When I went to bed last night I found it on the side, ready to go on. Now is that why I was on edge yesterday???

So I decided to try today without a patch and I have felt alright actually, so that's 2 days without any nicotine at all. I have also felt at ease and happier, so my question is should I continue without the patch or start using it again especially after yesterday?

We've had beautiful weather here today and had a great picnic at our local park, had very very tired madbabies when I got back but all in all it was a great day.

Bring on day 77 I'm ready for you

MM xxxx

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Stick without the patch I say, but I'm no gp!


I'm with starting_life...but be prepared, it takes 3 days to get niko out of the system and it can be pretty will feel better after.

No better woman for the job, you are well able for it. Yesterday was just a bad day, I'm sure the non-smokers also have bad days!!!

So proud of you :)


Try without the patch unless it gets tough again. xx


Oh only you can decide, but you know nicotine is out the body in 3 days.

So maybe see how you feel, if not right just go back to the patch, your doing fantastic just keep going


Thanks everyone, I've done another day today without my patch and for the first time in weeks I haven't had a permanent headache all day. I am going to keep them close and if I do feel worse or that I'm failing I am going to slap one on straight away.

This is the longest I've ever managed to go on a quit ( 43 days to be exact is my longest) and I never thought I'd do it in a million years, maybe this time it was a different quit, I really had to do it, I really wanted to do it, weird thing is this time I was determined more, I didn't have anyone to say it wasn't worth giving up but I did have lots of you telling me it was.

How is everyone else doing? How are we all enjoying this lovely weather? I had work today (bleugh) having 2 extra days off was lovely though and its another 4 day week this week (yay)

Onwards and upwards

MM xxxxx


That's great Madmummy, well done!

Lovely to hear such positive thoughts - this time IS different, and you CAN do it!

Gorgeous day out in the sun today (sorry!) and it has been so nice just to be able to walk out of the house without a coat on the last few days :)

Keep it up lovely!


Good news, looks like you may have cracked nicotine! Keep going x


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