No Smoking Day
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Enter Day 14

Less than 24 hours from now I shall be moving on to another home. This one has not been the easiest of tenancies, although my neighbours have been very friendly.

It seems as if the champix may not be working for me as it has done the 2 times I have used before. I didn't have any of these strong urges on those occasions, although the urge does not seem to be really about having a smoke, just some ideal of it. Or something else. I know I wouldn't enjoy it if I had a cigarette. Oh well. Ever onwards.:eek:

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Just keep saying NOPE :) You can do this walkabout, I know you can! I'll tidy up week 3 ready for you to move in - there's a few biscuit crumbs and some easy-reading lying around at the moment. :)


Long as you know you've got those rose tinted glasses on you'll be fine :-) seriously are doing great, I'm so chuffed for ya! (and I'm snapping at your heels all the way :-)) xx


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