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No Smoking Day
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Day 14

Good Morning Everybody how is everyone doing with their quit.

Its Day 14 for me today and i still cant believe its 2 weeks with out even a puff of a ciggy and i feel fine, still get the odd pang usually after tea at home but it doesnt last the rest of the day dont even think about smoking.

I managed to get up at 5 this morning for the gym but only because i put my alarm on the other side of the bedroom so i had to get up to turn it off, did a session of weights this morning and felt great afterwards.

I also noticed this morning i went to put my t shirt on and i could smell conditioner from when it was washed last that is the first time i had noticed the smell so i am getting some sense of smell back, still cant taste any difference in food though, i have noticed other benefits like no nicotine stains on my fingers and my breathing is better without that wheezing/rattle noise.

I am using Champix and i have so far had no nausea, feeling very tired but still wake up a couple of times a night (that might be due to age rather than not smoking) and has anyone else suffered from wind on the champix tablets or is it just me lol.

How are all you other champix user getting on i would like to hear from you.


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I don't have wind!! never ever have wind!!

I'm a lady


Glad you got to gym this morning x x that will help loads and i love the alarm trick hehehehe

I am sure the sleep thing will settle, i sleep better than ever but need more sleep, if i drink any alcohol though then i wake in the night and find sleeping harder.

Well done on week 3 keep strong x x ~Buffy x x


Day 14

Buffy, where you at, all people have wind, I think worse when giving up. Even after day one I started, less now though. Non smokers rule.


Nope never :rolleyes: not ever ever :p not even once!

Not even during yoga! not even as a baby nope never!



Boudee and Buffy

Thanks for your support i think it definately helps, this forum is a great help to, who needs support sessions when you have this forum.

Buffy i cant believe that you dont EVER suffer from wind. Since taking these Champix i have been worse than normal lol.


Dont all men have a party trick when it comes to farting, i thought it was compulsory:o


Men love farting! what is that about? My other half is 40 years old and he still laughs every time he or one of the kids fart >_< he always gets the kids to pull his finger >_<



How to not gain weight when quitting smoking!

Substituting food for cigarettes?:(

Don't want to gain weight?:)

Why not try.....:confused:


Couldn't resist lol hehehehe!


Can relate to the wind thing!

I swear its worse since giving up!:o




Dont all men have a party trick when it comes to farting, i thought it was compulsory

I don't think shell is assuming your a man, I think he's saying he obviously has a party trick because it is compulsory for men!?



i knew you were a woman sorry if i infered that you were a man.:o


The wind thing! My God! I blow off all the time:( and burping! I never used to burp.:(

What makes it worse is that now can really smell myself which is not pleasant:o

When does the gale end??


Wow Boudee! i love what the orthodontist has done with your teeth! they're looking fabulous now! must of cost a fortune!



its really uncanny how much you look like my ex wife. lol


Oooooooooh Ouch!! :eek:

I always knew men had a real bitch side to them :p


Men are bigger bitches than we are, we're all just more honest about it.:p

Without meaning to sound crude but has anyone found that their parps burn as well on their bid for freedom and they smell a bit like rotten eggs?

I can also feel mine moving down as though theres an alien in there or something.

Sorry to be so graphic and I know you all REALLY wanted to know that, but its horrible!:eek: :eek: :eek:


hiya all

phew im not alone! how long does my hubbie have to continue wearing his gas mask for ? lol:D


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