Day 14 Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh

Really not coping this weekend. Feel low and have no motivation to get moving. Can't believe I'm saying it but I'll be glad when the weekend us over.

I've been in such a foul mood that I was overcome with road rage after popping out to the shop. Another car took a junction too wide and nearly went into the side of me. I scowled and cursed the other driver who waved and smiled back at me. Turned out it was someone I knew:o At least it gave me a laugh.

I know caving in now will make me feel worse so it ain't gonna happen but I need to snap out of this gloom:(

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  • Sorry to hear that you are having a bad day. It will pass and you'll be so proud that you didnt cave in. You'll also feel much stronger knowing that you are beating this. Like Kat says try to do whatever pleases you, and dont feel guilty about having some you time, you deserve it!! X

  • Thanks. I'm not fishing for sympathy....honest!

    I was forced out by my hubby for a family dog walk. It helped a lot. Now my eldest has suggested a DVD so we're going to snuggle up and watch Stardust (my choice)

    Kat, your post made me think I need to get better organised. Next weekend I'll be better prepared. I may even do some spring cleaning (I'm not a natural domestic goddess!)

  • Hi Pisky, I just wanted to say..... I blipped just coming up to the third week. And I ssooooooo regret it. It's not worth it, seriously. Keep yourself busy, enjoy your film, and yes, make plans for next weekend, so you've no time to think about Nic. Wishing you all the best.... Xxxx

  • Hi Pisky, horrible isn't it? I was like you in the beginning I found the weekends really hard and had to really dig in deep to stop myself going to the shop to buy some. It does get easier... it must do or noone would be able to quit would they? Keep your chin up enjoy your film and pat yourself on your back..... you deserve

  • Aww you guys are lovely:)

    I know smoking now will make me feel so disappointed in myself so I won't do it but all the same when I popped to the shops earlier i took my youngest as a chaperone. He'd have stopped me buying any if I did crack.

  • Come on Pisky, are you really going to let me out do you ? You know im on day 14 just like you and i expect you to stay in the runnings, believe me it can only and will get easyer from here on in as long as you keep busy, do the dinner, walk the dog, stick the mp3 earphones in and go a walk by yerself, clean the house, sing songs in yer head, got a bike? go cycle! anything ! just keep busy and keep the nicotine at bay, good luck :p

  • Squinter I'm with you all the way. Just gotta get through these bad days.

    I think what's made the last couple if days so hard is my lack of motivation. There's plenty I know I could do but my get up and go has got up and gone. I will get my mojo back. :)

  • Well go back and get your get up and go ! Motivation ? What more Motivation do you need, 2 weeks in and you might be wanting to blow it all for ONE smoke? How you gonna feel after that ehh? Motivation = look at the Health benefits ! you wont stink of tobacca anymore, breathing easyer is better no? Saving Money !Looking Better ! Feeling better ! My dad in law cant sleep at night with constant coughing, hes 70 yrs old and smoke 60 a day, if i ever reach that age i dont want to be struggling to breath, id rather lead a older happier life than he is atm, so chin up you, your Motivation is there, it just goes outta sight sometime and you have to bring it back.

  • Pisky, keep at it! you are doing so well! look how far you have come, and dont look back! :)

  • Keep going Piskerelli

    At day 14 you are about to enter the first period of clear blue water..if I recall,when you start to have periods of hours at a time when you dont think about fags,these periods come as a revelation and are deeply gratifying.Hang on in there!! Do not smoke!! If you do I will come and get you!! You have been warned!! I might even set Kat on you ;)

    Ha! You don't scare me and Kats way too lovely to be scary. I am however, scared of feelings of disappointment and self loathing. They're enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

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