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Teeth Stains!

Well it's my last day in this room. Day 22 tommorrow and I think this means I move on. Exciting. Today I went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned. The sensation while he scraped stains from behind my bottom two front teeth was yuk. I know this topic is disgusting but it made me think how there are daily benefits to quitting. I am unlikely to get such bad stains without smoking and so I won't have to do that again. Hooray. Sorry but it helps me to hammer home that I am missing nothing and gaining muchos x

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So many benefits and no negatives from quitting. Well done 22 days great achievement. I'm 10 days behind you but doing OK x


good, isn't it? i notice just cleaning my teeth they have become whiter.

you better get your bags packed, think you should have moved! x


Yes, pack those bags, and don't forget your toothbrush. Congratulations on leaving the 3 weeks behind.

Another observation in relation to oral hygiene = a pink tongue :p


Well done...yes I have whiter teeth already, bought that paste Shakira promotes, its amazing...enjoy the new room x


haha, AnnMarie, I'm actually looking forward to my next dentist appointment now! How weird...

And I was having a good old look at my newly pink tongue today too, walkabout - lovely :)

Congrats on the move AnnMarie love :) x


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