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Day 7 - by the skin of my teeth

Can’t believe I got through yesterday – feel a little sad that I asked for a cigarette at the end of the night :o feels like my success was reliant on my friend saying no to me, but really glad he did and I took that as time to go home.

Feeling hungover and fragile and in need of hugs – back to home to my baby tonight so may keep him up late for extra hugs.

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You must have great friends... just don't do it again, ha? Remember, there's only you and me posting regularly about their June quits. I don't want to be alone out here! :eek:


I won't ;)

I do have great friends, my smoking best buddy has promised to read Allen Carr when he goes on holiday next week which would be fantastic for both of us.

See you on week two :)


well done on not giving in with the help of your friends. wow, day 7. never thought i would get this far but here we are. Just think, tomorrow we can wake up and say "i have been a non-smoker for a week ". How good will that feel. Keep strong everybody, we can all beat this.


Zena, 7 days is fantastic, and that friend of yours deserves a huge thankyou, what a great friend to have.

Well you may feel you've got here by the skin of your teeth but hey, you haven't smoked, you've experienced alcohol, going out with friend, and have survived it, most of us keep our heads low for the first couple of weeks so I think you've done really well.

Enjoy your hugs, and keep positive in your second week, you've got through so much, you should be very proud.

Lorraine :)


Well friends we are almost there, 1 whole week of being a non-smoker :D:D I feel so proud of myself and my 12 year old daughter and partner are also very proud of me aswell which makes me even more determined to stay stopped. I felt a little rough this morning for the first time since day 3 so packed a rucksack with drinks and bananas and took a long walk up what is known where I live as Holyhead Mountain ( google it, the images are fantastic). I'm lucky enough to live in such a beautiful part of the world and as luck would have it right at the very bottom of the mountain so it helps having such a place to go walking. Heading into week 2 tomorrow and feeling in a good place now. I hope you are all coping well and are feeling positive aswell. What we are going to achieve together is a huge thing in our lives and we will all look back on here in a few months ( I know I will ) and say a big thankyou to those who have travelled this path before us and to lend our support to those who follow. Stay strong and positive people....march forward into our second week and face it head on.


Really happy for you Andy :D - I can just imagine how amazing this is for your daughter and wife. See you in week 2 tomorrow.


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