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Looking for tips on teeth!

I should have asked this when I went to the dentist last week but didn't! :mad:

From smoking my teeth have become discoloured but thankfully not too badly. I do not want to go down the root of getting them whitened. Will they get whiter over time with brushing? Has anyone used a whitening toothpaste and found that to make a difference?

Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated!

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Hi Abbim

Hope the dentist gave your mouth a nice clean :)

Every so often when I think of it I use the tiniest amount of bicarbonate of soda ( you can find it in supermarkets on the home cooking isle)

I stress only a tiny bit and say no more than once or twice a month. I have tried the new oral b toothpaste but to date have not noticed a difference with that so went back to good o Colgate total.


Thank you! I have some bicarbonate in the cupboard so may give that a go! Will also keep an eye out for offers in the supermarket on toothpaste!


Go gentle on the gums ok !


I looked on loads of internet sites on bicarb... most of em said everyother day to weekly.... I did it once n nearly puked as I didnt realise how salty it was


I got a pen thingy for mine, it's meant to be a gentle whitener and it seems to have worked :)


Thanks everyone for all the advise. :)


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