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money, health & white teeth


hi ive tried 3 times in my whole smoking career to give up (well 4 if you count 12 hours pitiful really) ........... my main reasons are that i am a 36 year old mother to 2 young children - the smoking gets in the way of everything.. one big inconvenience in my life.

On my 1st quit attempt i tried nicorette gum of which after a while i started to have the odd fag, then it kind of snowballed & before i knew it i became addicted to both gum & cigarettes this situation went on for over 2 years - i was secretly smoking, - the cost of smoking & buying gum got to a point of silliness - i became embarrased by the whole situation - to cut a long story short i decided to ditch the gum for a couple of weeks continue to smoke - join smoking clinic & try the patches - so here i am today 5 days into my quit.....hopefully it will be for keeps....

next reason money money

another reason - health - its so scary to think how life is only for once & the thought of me spoiling it & makeing myself ill by smoking is quite freaky xx

another reason - white teeth

another reason - freedom & self control which i turn will give me the biggest acheivement of the quit - to know i have the strength to do it & that i can live quite a good life without smoking

a million other reasons to quit - cant think of any to keep smoking

thanks for listening x

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Great reasons!!

I like the one about white teeth! i have a thing about teeth and like them straight and white. I have been smoking Roll ups for the past year and it's even worse than you average cigarette!

And the obvious with is health, i have just lost my mother (13 June) to lung cancer and liver failure. This is not nice to see and even less so when one has to participate in helping out.... i mean the phsyical side and cleaning up!

My dear mother, she did'nt want her kids to do this nor see it. This for me was a huge eye opener when i thought about my little girl. I don't ever want her to have to do that for me.

And now, my thanks to you for listening


Hi KitKat :D

Well done keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxx

me too

Hi kitkat72

Your story sounds very similar to mine...i have just joined today.

My attempt - this time is the nicorette gum. I am sick to the teeth of smoking and feel like you its a big (secret) inconvenience in my life.

In the past i have tried patches, zyban, hypnotherapy, herbal pills, cold turkey, the easy way book. there is possibly more but after 7 years of quitting ive lost count.

I want the smoke free life where im not lethargic and can spend some quality energetic time with my 2 kids. I turned 35 last week and listened to the easy way book the week leading up to my birthday with high hopes. the book is great, i just cant get through the cravings, so i am hoping the book along with the gum should do the trick. combat my mental and physical urge in one hit.

Keep us posted on how you are getting on and if you have any tips on how to over come the urge in the school holidays - share!!!

lots of love


hi goodie & mimi & of course marg

mimi - you have already began the quit by posting on here, you will do it keep posting how youre getting on

goodie - yeah be good to hear you on here, similar quit experience & lifestyles etc.. be good to keep updates .. yeah n especially in school hols xx keep posting n a very good luck with your quit x

aww marg - you are so encouraging, you always give someone an reply(acknowledge)especially me who needs all the support i can get WE LOVE YOU MARG xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi kitKat :D

You're very welcome to any help/support I can give you and it's nice to be loved


Marg xxxxxxx

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