One month in

So that's me reached the 1 month mark, I really don't know how I've had the willpower especially going CT after 5 days, but somehow I've dine it with loads of support from here, so thanks to everyone who has supported me and offered me encouragement. I do feel so much healthier and my bank balance is also looking good. Here's to reaching month 2, Good luck to everyone starting out and to everyone already in their quit we can do this x

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  • Brilliant Jess, well done...a month is amazing...I think CT is the way if you can, its horrendous at the start but worth it looking back...enjoy your lovely new month tennancy...x

  • Well done Jess you own your quit...:cool:

  • Well done to you :D. And a new room. What are you going to buy to furnish it with your savings? Perhaps a personal gym?

  • Quality Jess, congratulations, day at a time and you will soon be flying to the next rooms

  • lovely, so pleased you've made it into month 2. got a very good feeling about your quit :)

  • Thank you everyone, I hope this is the one, but you just never know, I'm still taking it day by day and today I don't want to smoke x

  • AMAZING WORK!!! A huge well done to you :)

  • Great news Jess, you are doing so well. One day at time and look where it has got you x

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