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Entering 3rd week room

Well here I am already to move into week 3. Didn't have the best of weeks last week, stressful situations cropping up. Yesterday had to rush my son to hospital after he had a very bad reaction to some tablets he'd taken. Spent 10 hours there whilst they flushed out his system. Boy did I want to smoke. Glad I didn't have access to any. Better day ahead today with a nice Mother's Day meal to look forward to. I wonder when stressful situations will come and go without craving a cig? I expect the longer one resists the easier it gets. Cutting down the nicotine in my ecig today, intend to wean myself off as soon as possible. My health is improving now, no more wheezing, able to ride my bike without gasping lol. Sense of smell and taste much improved too.

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Give yourself a huge pat on the back for getting through last week Crotchety :D

Give yourself another on behalf of all moms in the world on this special day, I'm off to see mine soon :D

I'm glad your son is ok and I hope that what you've taken from that episode is that you can get through things like that without smoking. In the past they were situations that a cigarette would have been your first "go to" to help you through it. You've proven to yourself that you don't need them and it is something to retain in your memory each time you feel you need to smoke. You have proven that you don't need to. :cool:

Just think, if you had still been a smoker you would have been darting out of the hospital periodically, leaving your son without his mom for a few minutes at a time!

I can't say for sure when you stop craving as everybody is different, but for me the craves really started to subside between 6-9 months, however they were already starting to get weaker after 4 months or so. After over 2 years quit I honestly and truthfully never get craves at all now, just the odd moment of "ooh, in times gone by I would have had a smoke now".

Good luck on cutting down the nicotine, but don't sacrifice your quit if it gets too much. If you need to go back to a higher dosage for a while then do so, it's better than caving and smoking for real.

Good luck to you and again, well done!

You can make it, you are already on the right path. All you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and never, ever, look back :)


Hya, firstly so pleased your son is doing ok, what a freight for you, and to resist the urge is a massive achievement ::):::)

Hope you have had much nicer day to day my lovely

You take care

So pleased you made it through, to have a child ill is devastating. Massive congrats not caving in, think I would have !


Brilliant Crotchety, to get through a stressful situation without a smoke...glad your son is ok :)


That's a fantastic achievement Crotchety- well done you! :)

I rather suspect that us quitters will always have a nicotine moment when in a very stressful situation but there's such a difference between a moment and a full-blown crave thankfully.

You're doing fantastically well. :D


Hey Crotchety, you overcame a massive trigger there, congratualtions you are doing really really well, glad your son is ok :) xx


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