5 mins

Only seems like 5 mins ago when I started my quit but a few stats to ponder,

560.1 hours smoke free

350 cigarettes not smoked

140 hours life regained

Had all the usual withdrawl symptoms but im really happy how its going, word to all the new quitters stick at it get through the first couple of weeks it really does get

easier as time passes.

Good luck to everyone else with their quits. Be strong:D

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  • Congratulations on your 560+ hours quit, Brian. You must be financially better off as well. All the best to you.

  • Thank you walkabout

  • Yes, a really encouraging post for all those considering quitting x

  • Thank you Caroline

  • You're making it look easy Brian, but your positive mental attitude is certainly a factor in that :)

    The psychological dependency is the one to break, if you can do that quitting becomes much easier. All successful quitters break it eventually, it's just that some do it quicker than others.

    Top drawer quitting Brian, I think your room in the Penthouse is already reserved :)

  • Thank you Capitan the penthouse is my aim

  • Thank you Karri

  • Well done Brian, we are only a day apart quit wise it's amazing to see those stats, here's to the next 560 hours x

  • Well done Brian, I think knowing the stats helps loads, it was the wasted time I found the most shocking, if I still smoked I would have wasted 14 whole days smoking in 9 months! Good luck with your quit :)

  • Great post Brian, I'm so pleased it's going well for you x

  • Thank you everyone for your good wishes:)

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