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2hrs and 10 mins into Day 5

I am back on the quitting train as i have just found out i am going to be a dad. My wife has quit, and i though it only right that i do the same.

So that is my main reason for quitting, plus i dont think i will be able to afford a baby and smoking at the same time, lol!

So i am back on the patches and into my 5th day. So far so good. Not really any urges or cravings.

Lets hope it lasts!

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Good luck Don. Keep in touch with this forum for advice and support. :D


Well there couldn't be a better reason for quitting! Congratulations and wishing you both the best of luck. :)


Thank you, and your right couldnt have a better reason than this!!


well done Don x 2. always remember why youve quit and youll stay that way.



Sounds like you're doing really well mate. Take every craving one at a time and eventually you will have beaten them all. Stay positive :D


Congrats on your good news Don and keep up the good work! :)



Lovely news, congratulations!

And well done on the impending fatherhood too :p

Keep going, one day at a time. This can and will be done!!



Well done dom and congrats on your FAB news. All the best. Jacqui. Quit date: 10.2.12.


If ever there will be a time when you reach for the .. but no! you will be a non-smoker.

Congratualtions Don .. you will need all your health for the little bundle of fun about to unfold on you x


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