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Day 5 already

After the horrendous day 3 and slightly easier day 4 here I am already in day 5 feeling a little more positive. Mornings seem to be the worst times for me I gradually feel better as the day moves on. So I am delaying my first coffee which I have always had with cigarette in hand and drinking water with my breakfast instead. I don't associate water with smoking so I hope this works. It's 11.15am in Spain and I am now going to have a decaf coffee my first today. Hope it doesn't bring on a nasty crave. I live in the campo in Spain a long way from shops so that in itself is a godsend, have to get the car out and drive 15 minutes to buy cigs plenty of time to talk myself out of succumbing.

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Wow day 5 - funny how other people's quits seem to go much faster than my own!

Water has been working for me, Spanisheyes. I hardly ever drank it before, now I'm on gallons a day...

I hope you have a good smoke-free day out there :D


So glad to see you back Spanish, I'm waiting for my Lemon Drizzle cake :p

Just kidding, great to see you still quit but don't disappear when it gets tough, that's exactly the time to be posting :)

A change of routine and habit will help you break those associations and water is a good start to the day anyway ;)

Enjoy the highs, hang on during the lows and it will start to get better. Not long now and you'll have done a whole week! :)

You're doing this! \0/. :)


Lovely to hear you made it through that rough time x

Lemon drizzle cake is my absolutely favourite cake in the world - just letting you know :) x


Well done Spanish Eyes. Almost a week completed You'll get to that. Have you tried orange juice? Cigarettes just don't mix with it. I've cut out my wake-up coffee for now.:)


Spanish, I am just a few days ahead of you (Day 10 here!) and feel so much in common with you... For me too mornings are the most difficult, and I have also delayed my coffee. I now drink green tea with breakfast (for me, not a trigger at all, and it feels really good first thing in the morning instead of plain water), and make coffee about 1 to 2 hours after waking up. I dreaded coffee because it's the biggest trigger for me, but now I actually find it helpful.

Hang in there. I have no idea how I went through nine days without smoking, but I did... and you can too! It is easier now.


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