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Day 7 - Really? Already?

I can't believe I made it to day 7!!

And the best part is I am finally getting the hang of the cravings. They were there today but they weren't as bad as the past days. I think I am getting used to them.

I decided to go it cold turkey because I wanted to have a rough time. It feels weird to admit it but I am hoping that I keep the memory of how damn hard this has been so that I never light up again. If I think about how much of a struggle quitting is then maybe it can keep me from going back.

Thank you all for posting about your struggles. It has made my struggles not so bad. It is just lovely to have people who are with you on the quit!

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Congratulations RiverSong.

Just keep repeating over and over what you went through the first 7 days and it will start to get easier and easier.

Sounds like you have a positive plan for your quit worked out, and that is surely a good sign on the road to success.:)


Well done for reaching 1 week smoke free Riversong, this is definitely one of the hardest weeks you'll ever have! It all does get a bit easier from now on but you seem to be dealing with the craves well :-)

Keep going and stay strong x


Well done Riversong! Me thinks you have this sussed!

I love posts like yours, they're so positive and determined :D

Keep it up and stay strong

Molly x


Awesome, 7 days free from the Poison!!!

Well done :) :)

Just enjoy your quit and remember you are not giving anything up apart from a lifetime of fear, been controlled, bad breath, bad health and smelling awfull.

See you soon in the week 2 rooms!!!!!!


Congratulations on your first week Riversong :)

You're doing brilliantly!!


Well done Riversong. A week! A whole, awesome, smokeless, groovy week.

Keep going. You can do this.

Helsbelles x


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