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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 Already!!


It's my week off so why am I waking at stupid o'clock everyday?

Whatever the reason is, I feel pretty good anyway.

Good Luck Team, another day of rollercoaster emotions and hissy fits coming right up lol


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Day 3

Hi there, can't believe i'm on Day 3, does anyone else feel really really tired, I could go to sleep whilst stood up, I have 7 lovely hours of sleep but then feel like going to bed again???? Perhaps its because I've given up the red wine as well, i'm not a saint but last time I gave up I seemed to replace the cigs with red wine and thats not good either, nice but not good!!! lol


forgot to say....


2d 00:21 smoke-free, 40 cigs not smoked, £10.00 saved, 03:20 life saved


Giving up the red wine.... double whammy!!

I'm staying off the booze for a while, partial to a glass of wine of an evening myself (or bottle, got a problem with that? :p)

Sunday and Monday nights I woke up a few times and felt anxious, but last night I slept like a baby for some reason.

Not sure why you feel so tired, other than the trauma of nicotine withdrawal and anxiety issues associated with it?

No matter, we're all doing really well getting this far. I feel like calling everyone I know and squealing down the phone lol

But I won't. They already think i'm nuts. I'll tell them all as I meet them.

Day 3.... bring it.....


Its bound to affect our normal patterns ie sleeping etc as nicotine is a stimulant and so is wine! Last night I worked and I did a house party, I sell jewellery in peoples' houses. I normally have a glass of wine there and when I get back I always (no matter what time I get back) have a big glass of wine and a few ciggies so coming back last night to having a pint of water was particularly hard especially when there was a smoker there and I smelt that smoke......


Morning Team!

I can just tell today isnt gonna be a good day! I nearly caved in last night after a bit of a barny with the other half. But I went to bed at 8:30 to get out of his way and away from the temptation of the kitchen (my old smoking room). So Ive made it to day 3.

So after last night Im not feeling as positive as yesterday. But I have got loads of work to do over the next few days and have a dead line of tuesday next week so hopefully that will keep me busy.

Boss, maybe some inspirational words for the team might help today???


I had a few words with my hubby last night too! My husband gave up smoking 6 years ago, cold turkey and thinks that because I use NRT that I am prolonging the process but I explained that people are all different!!! but you no men!!!! lol:)

Keep up the good work, you and the rest of us are doing brilliantly x


All I can say to the team is Breathe deep and know this feeling ain't forever.

I just had a major weepy fit after moving some beds (don't ask). I'm not sure these days whether it is what I am doing that is making me angy and weepy or the nicotine leaving my body. It passes over so quickly, yet so intensely. Anyone stopped longer than me..... is this as bad as it gets?

Morning and afternoon is the worst for me, evenings are a doddle so maybe I should go back to bed until 6 o'clock? :(

All I'll say to the team is



I had a few words with my hubby last night too! My husband gave up smoking 6 years ago, cold turkey and thinks that because I use NRT that I am prolonging the process but I explained that people are all different!!! but you no men!!!! lol:)

Men are crap! My other half stopped smoking without any NRT and not 1 moan or winge about it. So maybe he thinks i should be able to quit like he did?!? Whatever!

Right, ive been at work for half an hour now and done naff all. So back to work!

Also Ive got my smoking group tonight, anyone else too?


Thanks.... i'll avoid mountains and molehills just to be safe lol :)

All I can say is thank God I am not in work this week, I would've murdered someone by now FACT.

I'm watching videos on whyquit.com which are helping. Don't know why I'm so bloody emotional today

I'm off for another cry :confused:


I'm sorry that you feel weepy but soooooooooooo glad that i'm not the only one!!!!

I'm not looking forward to the weekend as this is when i always smoked more, anyone else feeling or thinking the same???

Day 3 the nicotine should be out of our bodies but what if we are using NRT? Will we notice any difference??

Full of questions to day...

I should feel better this afternoon as giving a reiki treatment and then having a treatment myself, so fingers crossed!!!

If anyone knows all the answers, please reply!!! lol


Anyone stopped longer than me..... is this as bad as it gets?

Morning and afternoon is the worst for me, evenings are a doddle so maybe I should go back to bed until 6 o'clock? :(

All I'll say to the team is


Congrats on getting to Day 3 - in theory the worst is behind you as your body chemistry should now be ridding itself of most of the evil stuff you've been taking in with your smoke. But the battle is all in your head, so don't let you head be swayed!

I'm a couple of hours from completing my first fag-free week since I started smoking properly in 1981. I can't tell you if what you're going through is as bad as it gets - reading through what people have to say on this forum, we all really are individuals and react in our own individual ways to the cravings and the psychology of stopping.

I hate the evenings cos it's when I've always smoked most and most of my triggers are associated with evenings. I've recently climbed out of bed for the seventh fag-free morning on the trot and I can honestly say I didn't have a shadow of a twinge of desire, despite the fact that I saw an emtpy packet pretty soon after getting up. I'm about to finish my second coffee of the morning and that's not brought on any craves either.

Just as I CHOOSE not to take the bait and smoke, I shall CHOOSE not to take the bait about the various anti-men comments in this thread. :P

Despite the fact I've not smoked in here for a week, have kept it as well-ventilated as the weather has allowed and use all the anti-stink products I have around me, this room still REEKS of stale fags.

It looks like nothing short of replacing the carpet and repainting the walls will change that. :(

I smoked my last cigarette 6 Days, 22 hours and 3 minutes ago. I have saved £63.09 by not smoking 276 cigarettes. I have saved 23 hours of my life.


I am sorry about the anti men comments!!! I didn't mean all men!!!

Thankyou for your encouraging post, it all makes sense!


Hi everyone & well done, I'm still with you!

I can relate to alot of your comments - especially the red wine! I know it feels like a stimulant and I always thought it was, but a drugs course told me recently that alcohol is a depressant! I ususally find eveneings & weekends hardest, but wasn't too bad last night. My boyfriend smokes and for the first time like ever, I thought how not nice it is to kiss a smoker:eek:

Keep in touch everyone:)


Yeah girls, enough of the anti-men comments!!

I live with one ;)

I have noticed how kissing a smoker is different when you're not one *proud moment*. I also tasted cinnamin in my toast this morning and when I walk round the house I can smell different scents, like wasking powder, shampoo etc....

It's so nice not to be walking round in a cloud of smoke all day. I just wish these cravings WOULD EASE UP ALREADY!!

I think the worst has passed.

Keep up the good work everyone and thanks to everyone supporting us newbies in our difficult time :D


Im sorry for my anti men comments too. But I'm sorry for moaning about that pain in the bum that lives with me (can i get away with saying that?)!

To those of u who has partners that are still smoking, I think your all doing fab! Cos I know full well if my other half smoked, now way could I have got this far! So really well done!

But those comments about tasting food better and smells? I have had none of that yet. All I feel is hyperactive!?! Ive got the shakes and cant keep still. Anyone else having this or am i just going crackers?


I can definately taste and smell more, but I do feel abit restless too. I think thats more to do with my work appointment inabit rather than smoking! I have been suffering from constipation though, is this just in my mind or is it a side effect !?


I find self abuse works:o:o:o

I'll get me coat.....


Still Here

Afternoon Day 3 Team. I was going to send a post this morning, but was in a rush. Glad to hear everyone is ok ish and things have been ok here too. In the mornings no probs really, but mid afternoon as in now, start to struggle a little bit. I too am going to my group tonight, the third week for me. Looking forward to the Carbon Monoxide test to see my result. My G/F got me a money pot, the ones you have to smash to open and I have put £5 a day in. Worked out how much in 6 months!!!!!!! Pays for the spending money for the Hols. Hopefully come back later today.


Ive got my group tonight too and week 3. Where bouts you from. Prob just a coincidence! I'm dreading the group tonight cos i always get there early and end up having to wait outside for bout 15mns till they open the doors (good time to have a fag to waste time!). Think ill go get a coffee instead to take up some time!

I hate the afternoons too. Come 3pm im proper craving, so end up getting high on microtabs!


I'm off to work in a min. Have had a better day today than yesterday. 1st thing in morning is bad as thats when you know!!! Went out to lunch and had a big meal, sat back in chair and relaxed and took out a.............. piece of chewing gum!!

I will find it hard tonight but am loaded with more gum!

Hope you all have a okay evening and speak to you in the morning.


Hope everyone had a good night 3. I'm still rearranging my house like mad and keeping my mind off it, It gets easier as the day goes on :)

All the best team 17 , see you all tomorrow ;)


Evening Team 17...better late than never! Really glad to hear everyone is staying smoke free. Well done.

Yeah...no more anti men things or I'll be getting a complex!

Meant to ask...what's the significance in 17?

Anyway...glad to hear everyone's staying strong. Roll on tomorrow!


I tried not to reply to this but I can't help it....

The '17' refers to the date of the month that your team stopped smoking lol :D


Hi again everyone,

Been to my group meet tonight and feel alot better about my views on things. Got a really positive response from the group leaders after telling them what Ive have done to prevent me from tempting. And just feel a loads better about it all. Might change after Ive had my takeaway and the craving comes back again!

Well done again to all the team, and I promise Allan ill give u and easy time tom!


Ahhh...should I be shame faced? Not at all. Actually, I only joined Team 17 yesterday. But thanks for the explanation Bobby. Makes sense I suppose:o

I should have joined Team 16 then! But hey-ho, whats a day between friends!


Hey Dee. Well done to you. Enjoy the takeaway!


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