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Day 5 not sure how I feel

We'll never thought it would be this easy so far am using patches and occasional gum, and local quit service are there any other people like me who don't want to quit would really like to continue smoking but don't want the adverse bad heart chest cancer issues that can affect many smokers

I have lost five and a half stone in weight over the last year and stopping smoking seems easier but harder at the moment because even though I find it easy so far I have to admit I really miss it almost like I miss an old friend

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Welcome to the forum :)

That's the psychology of smoking Stuvic, we all go through it to some degree or another.

I missed smoking to start with, I really believed I loved smoking and that it helped me in so many situations. Over the 3 years that I've been quit I've learned that it was all a lie. It was the smoking that made me feel anxious in the first place and smoking only stopped me from feeling that way until I had to have yet another one to repeat the process.

3 years on, I've broken that association. Because I'm no longer pumping nicotine into my body every half an hour, I don't need to keep replacing it. The blinkers have fallen from my eyes and I'm free! :)

It takes time, but you'll get there eventually. :)


Yes, I believed I liked smoking and would never quit. Smoking was great and my friend.

Reality check, it was making me ill, making me stink, very expensive addictive habit, probably lost friends through smoking than gaining any. Smoking never 'likes' you. It isn't a friend.

You have done very well losing the weight, shows you have real will power.

You are using gum and patches, and that will help with the craves. This may be the reason why you are finding it easy, or you may be one of the lucky few who whizz through a quit.

All the best x


On another note feel quite weird sick heartburn today can that be normal


Stu, I relate to this entirely.... feeling sick, heart burn, palpitations and anxiety, this quitting malarkey isnt pretty we have to ride it out ;) xx


Well there is no way I am going to restart smoking to have to go through this all again, on a plus side my impatience that I seem to be experiencing at the moment got me to work quicker today


Ha! That's what keeps me going, I couldn't possibly go through that again! I promise it gets better, that first week I was 'shouty lady'.


Well done Stu :)

Almost a week now, brilliant! :)


Congratulations on getting to Day five. I have similar feelings to you. But I do know it's not a lit cigarette that I want with all its negative bits; I just want to fill the void left with something that does not exist. Just takes time. All the best to you.


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