Moving rooms in 3 days!

Hi all! Not on here so much anymore for various reasons. Don't know how many are left from before. Anyway, hope everyone is still strong with their quits. I don't think about it that much anymore and when I do have the odd "nice" thought, I quickly remind myself how horrid they really are!! Moving into Month 6 in 3 days. Still can't believe how quick it has gone. To anyone starting out just keep never stays that hard forever! Xxx

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  • Well done Dolores, wow half a year, I'm only 3 weeks in, so that feels like a lifetime away, but already it is getting easier day by day. Look forward to reading your progress into the penthouse x

  • Jess it really does go so quickly! It's not easy but you can do it if you really want to. Cry, scream or whatever but don't give in. It's much better now and it really does get better. X

  • Hi Dolores, I wasn't here back then but wish I was because we would be celebrating together :) My last attempt was actually the 11/10/2014 but relapsed 32 days after because I underestimated the power of the fags. I'm in the quitting game again - starting 6th week today - and so hopppppping this will the last time.

    Well done YOU!

  • Well done on your 6 weeks. Keep it going! You can do this x

  • Well done...its good to know it gets a lot easier..why do we look back at fags with rose tinted glasses?

  • Well done D, one more room to negotiate and then it's the Penthouse :)

    Don't be a stranger, keep us informed of your progress :)

  • Captain....I should be on here more often now to support the newbies and reinforce what I already know 😃

    Alibonger....I have no idea why that happens when we really know how horrible it is. The smell of it off other people is pretty gross. Doesn't take too long to go stale!

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