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moving on and into a new room

End of week two and still holding on. I have decided that wine is not a good thing when quitting but that cider and beer are ok (for me at least!). Not used the ecig since Sunday (my last dance with failure after drinking the dreaded vino) so I am now nicotine free.

Tonight was my first Keiser cycling class of the year and I definitely felt less likely to collapse at the end and better able to breathe, so this not-smoking lark must be doing me some good.

Sorry to say, Starting, you have not escaped 'the bunch from week 2' - we are right behind you, hot on your heels!!

I have heard that the 'threes' are the hardest when quitting, so you may be hearing more from me this week.

thank you all for your continued wise words and support. This forum really is the difference between getting so far this time and my previous falls at day 3.

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Congratulations & hope you enjoy your new room.


Keiser cycling is a quasi-medieval form of torture, otherwise known as a spinning class or 'bike in the gym to music' class. Definitely possible to fall off and have almost done so several times now. Possibly the highlight of the entire experience is getting home and removing the rather horrid cycling shorts with extra padding that make you walk like a toddler who has had an 'accident' but at least mean that you can sit down at work the next day without a cushion!

Unfortunately I don't like the gym so it has to be a class to make me want to go. I prefer Pilates, but sadly this is the only Wednesday class I can make after work. Worth it for the virtuous feeling afterwards at least. :p


Haha hot on my heels but I know that tomorrow I will be smoke free so you will have to try that bit harder to catch me up. When you do if you like meat then see me tomorrow as I will be knocking up some wood pigeon with black pudding and caramelised onions, served with a pepper fondue.

That will be my treat tomorrow, but I don't mind sharing. Today was scones, clotted cream and jam. Good evening!


Well done kent, super stuff, even the spinning


Well done Kent :)

Blimey- Keiser cycling is a new one on me. Do you find yourself all off-kilter afterwards like coming off a fairground ride??


Fantastic! Moving along really nicely. you are doing soooo well xxxx


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