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I was just reading about relapse and found this:

"The ingredients for relapse are a failing memory of why we quit and of the early challenges, rewriting the law of addiction to exempt or exclude ourselves, and an excuse such stress, celebration, illness, finances, war, death, or even a cigar at the birth of a baby. "

I wish I wrote that, really like it...

Daily update: Still going :) no fags!

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Phew thank goodness! For a minute I though u had the relapse :)


LOL DonnaJ ! LOL

Not gonna happen :)

"Im da boss, I said I am not smoking therefore I am not smoking" but just in case if I do....I won't call it a relapse, I will call it a Oooops! and I'll continue on from there :)


You just given me heart failure! Phew! Loads of stuff I wish I'd written, but my favourite is the 'horrible anus' (ok, misquote) the queen was rambling on about one year. Just genius x


Let's laugh a bit people!!!! Everybody is so serious on this forum. I would start writing horse jokes as well but I can't understand them anyways hihihi

caroline1 :p so Funny! still laughing...really! I never pay attention to what I write and never read before posting, I can see myself doing that LOL


Haha, was just nosing to see what I can expect when I get to month two - this made me chuckle ladies :D


Hope no one is cheating with the eCigs


Nope, not me anyways. I tried them and can't stand them! I went cold turkey actually.


couldn't agree more Karri, how are you doing?

Are you well? I had a terrible week, nothing to do with the smoking, I am still not smoking...but as you know, nearly fell off the wagon...I am hoping to get back more active the next few days.

Many thanks Karri for your "hug" during the week, it actually helped me to get back in line. Thank You.


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