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Hi Everyone,

Never posted yesterday as not my usual cheery self :p. My OH had to get up to go to Norway at 3am, so of course, I was awake, he left as airport over hour and half away and he always gets the 1st flight. Never really got back to sleep then alarm at 615:mad::mad: I've never been a morning person, got kids up, old enough to get themselves organised, off to work 730-12, I was so tired just wanted to go to sleep all afternoon, but forced myself out for walk. To top it off my 10 year old is grading soon in his martial art so he decided to go to extra training 30 miles from where we live, so we never got home till about 9ish, OH got home about 10ish, so both collapsed into bed lol, still really tired today so sorry for rant, just feel in a rant kind of mood, but I'm still not smoking :p;)

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Got a good feeling about your quit. :) what a busy day! X


Thank you Caroline, still taking it minute by minute, think I really want to smoke, then say don't be stupid, I'm completely nicotine free not going through that again. Plus the lure of Florida is getting me through x


Yes, my thoughts exactly, I can't do it again! Florida would help but I'm looking at Wales, nice but not in the same league.


That's the way to do it Jesse, keep putting it off and say you'll do 1 more minute, 1 more hour.

I promise you, really promise you, that eventually all that effort will pay off and you'll find yourself forgetting about smoking for longer and longer periods of time until eventually you don't think about it at all.

I can genuinely say that the only time I remember smoking is when I'm on this forum. It doesn't even enter my mind when I'm out and about around people who smoke.

NOPE and you can't go wrong :)


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