Small Victory and plan of Action

So it's nearly day 2....At 11 am I will be able to post in the Day 2 section and I will have done 24 hrs. Feeling positive today. Had a small victory as I was driving back from my boyfriend's house this morning. He lives half an hour away and I often stop at a service station for a cup of coffee and a buy my fags for the day.

It felt good this morning to sail past that usual junction and ignore the habitual detour. I am sticking with the patches as they do take the edge off for me. I slept in mine last night (and had the obligatory crazy dreams) but I'm willing to put up with those to avoid that "Christ, I need a fag" feeling as soon as I wake up.

The money I would have spent on cigarettes and coffee I have spent on healthy food and cleaning products....Today my house is going to cleaned and polished to within an inch of it's life. I might even sort out my sock drawer. It's tough being this rock n' roll lol.....But at least it'll keep me busy

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  • Ooh you dirty stop out you! :p

    Plans are good, but remember you can always adjust and adapt them to help you reach the desired result. :)

    Keep positive, keep busy and keep posting, particularly if you wobble.

    Only the older people amongst us may relate to this, but we need to turn into Weebles, because Weebles wobble but they don't fall down :)


  • Ha, ha and now I've got the jingly tune from the Weebles advert in my head. A lady never reveals her age but I was around when they were a choice toy ( I think I even had one or two) :)

  • Thanks for making me feel old Capitan!

  • I've added a video of the advert to my post, I don't know if I got it on before your last post :)

    You can always sing it when the craves hit :p

  • As long as I don't fill my cigarette void with a biscuit habit and end up looking like a weeble, it's all good :)

  • Sock drawer - hard core cleaning! Well done you, only an hour to go until day 2. Just a thought, if you really wanna be rock'n'roll I have a house that needs cleaning.........

    Weebles I do remember, think they were followed by smurfs you could purchase them from National petrol stations, aaaahhhhh memory lane :)

  • 38 minutes to go.....tbh Caroline, I hate cleaning, but it needs doing and it'll keep me busy whilst I'm off work today. I'd rather be out having lunch and a bottle of wine but giving up the Vino habit as well for a bit (sigh!).....Tonight will be a test. Am out for dinner and it'll be the first booze and fag free one I've had in years!!!!

  • Day 2!

    Agreed, tonight does appear testing for you, don't suppose you can get out of it? As for housework, one of my least favourite activities. X

  • No, I can't get out of it. Dinner with the BF tonight. Date night. After today I'm working 2 weeks without a day off so last night of freedom for a while. He's really supportive though. He's an ex-smoker (cigars) and is still on one of those e-cig things (one year later).....who knows, maybe if I can kick this thing properly it'll inspire him to stop vaping

  • I didn't get round to the socks, but I've just finished cleaning and scrubbing the place from top to bottom. I've just sat down with a cuppa and admittedly went to find my fags before I remembered that I don't have any or want to smoke anymore...bit of a wobble so I'm back on here whilst I ride this thought out.....will console myself with letting myself have dessert tonight (which I never do)

    Repeating to myself....No cat's bum mouth, no cat's bum mouth

  • Ha ha! @ our new mantra!

  • NCBM, this is the sort of mental image I'm getting :p ...

  • ha ha I've only just seen Capitan's interpretation of CBM......You can just stick to NOPE Capitan ;)

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