Half year Victory !!!

And was I waiting for this one........:D:D

0Years 6Months 0Weeks 0Days 0Hours 23Mins 5SecsSince You Quit Smoking

Cravings Phase Progress

100% Complete

Heart Rate Recovery

100% Complete

Blood Pressure Recovery

100% Complete

Carbon Monoxide Removal

100% Complete

Nicotine Removal

100% Complete

Increase Levels Of Energy

100% Complete

Circulation Recovery

100% Complete

You Will Now Live 55 Days, 23 Hours, 0 Minutes Longer

And that is the whole picture from that day six months ago....But I wouldn't have been able to do it without this wonderful forum and friends I have made....

I can only feel the beginners pain, the disappointments for not feeling that good as we should be.... the ugly reality when the original excitement has passed and we are almost on our own again to overcome this terrible addiction.....

But I can assure you it is worth it...there really is life after smoking...!;)

I am happy..I am living...I have had and still have a lot of pressure and curve balls ....But I want this freedom more than anything else... I want and need to make my own happiness.

Dream it.....Believe it.....achieve it ....!!

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  • Ah Hercu, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! I am thrilled for you, thank you for being such a positive and encouraging poster on here, it really has helped me so much in my quit. I hope your lovely wife (or yourself) is treating you on this massive milestone....

  • Fantastic Hercu! Thank you so much for always being there when I started losing the plot!!! Thank you and congratulations :)

  • Congratulations! 6 months is amazing. Its nice to see people posting positive stuff, especially when I am feeling abit down in the dumps with quitting angsts. xxx

  • Thank you Nikki....Yup the quitting blues is strong sometimes but I have learned to almost ignore it when it strikes....

  • Wowww!!! Very well done. You are an inspiration!

  • Hercu, that's great that you've been able to come this far however I'm gonna put out a challenge to you. If you succeed I'll pay you $100 USD. The challenge is beat my record for days smoke free. LOL, well done my friend. I think it's important to note that besides living 56 days longer the quality of life going forward is also so much greater than what it would have been like as a smoker.Stay strong, never surrender.

  • Canwes...... Thank you my friend and yes I will take the challenge and hope to never win that $100 USD because you are worth millions more as a smoke free friend.

    Thank you for support and yes very nice and believe that 56 days longer will be quality days.... Thank you once again...

  • Yippee! Well done Hercu! I'm so pleased for you :)

    You've been such a help to so many others on this forum during your journey, too - add that to your stats!

    Here's to the next six months x

  • Thank you Incy..Highly appreciated....Six months....Six years....!! NOPE

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