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hello friends!

Hi all, My name is Maya, I stopped smoking on the 1st of feb this year, I should be celebrating 3 weeks today but I did smoke 5 fags last although I am happy that I managed to stop straight after, and in reality I am not smoking, I am also not smoke free for 3 weeks, so can't celebrate LOL hows everyone doing? I am ok and don't really feel like smoking at all. My only problem is not the nicotine but to deal with stress, the first stressful situation I start thinking about the fags straight away.

I started smoking when I was 11 or 12 and I am 40 this year! ....a lot of smoke in my lungs :(

I tried before with champix and managed to stay off the fags for 7 weeks, stress at home drove me back to the cigs. This time, I am not taking anything at all, I can do this...good luck to everyone and pls wish me luck :))))

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Hello, a very warm welcome from me, What a great time to quit, a lot on here have had a few failed attempts, then suddenly just realise quitting is a good thing, as opposed to being a bad thing. Wham the penny drops, and you just decide not to smoke !!!!!

You can do this , please post and read often, stress will still be there, and smoking will not change that, it will only enhance the situation.

I have learned smoking solves nothing. So may be if you feel a tad stressed get on here, we have a little rule. Post and wait we will be here to support and get you through those first few difficult days.

Sending a little little luck your way, and look forward to your future posts .

Brilliant decision to quit, you can do it, you really can.


Welcome mmaya, I too thought that I couldn't function or get through difficult situations without smoking and you know what, I can! :)

3 years ago I quit cold turkey and although it was tough at the start, it's a breeze now. I smoked for over 30 years and I have absolutely no desire to smoke again, ever.

People who have never smoked cope with life without ever thinking that they need to smoke. One reason you reach for a fag is because, over the years, you have conditioned your mind to believe that a cigarette will help. The truth is that all you are doing is replacing the nicotine that your body received from the previous cigarette you had. Break that cycle and you are free.

NOPE is what is needed, Not One Puff Ever.

If you keep nicotine out of your system and stop smoking for long enough, not smoking really does become natural. It's hard to believe I know, I doubted it myself, but I am here to tell you it is true :)


:o thanks guys! I know how stupid it is that I am not able to deal with stress without a cigaret, but that's what happened the last times, every single time i tried to stop, stress takes me back to that fag! I've been doing fine because I am off work and my partner is away and not wrecking my head, if I am left on my own, i manage to entertain myself quiet well, reading, playing with the kids and I don't want or need a fag. The moment he walks into the house the stress starts!...pls don't take me the wrong way, I lov him to bits, but the shoes out of place, the having to clean up after him, the fighting with the kids, kids misbehaving, constant noise and all i want is quiet and quiet...I need to stay calm if I am going to beat this...I thought about getting some anxiety tablets...but I don't really want to turn into a zombie either....


I wonder Karri, if it will ever be ok without the long r u off the fags now? Does it get better?!...because I really DO NOT want to smoke, and I do not feel cravings at all, but I know I need to find a way to deal with stress otherwise, this quit is going to end up like any other before.

sure the bath or shower works, but it's not like I can go for a shower when my reports don't add up and I start losing it at work LOL if anyone one knows anything about control emotions and anxiety, nerves...all that stuff, pls help me. I am really afraid of going back to work 2morow


...We are never giving ourselves the time to find out if it really does get better.

This is the exact reason why some people really struggle to quit. They can't believe or accept that it really does get better. If it didn't, smokers would never quit, but they do, I'm one and this forum has 100's that have. It's a question of faith and when you believe, truly believe, it will give you the strength to battle through the hard times, because you know the good times are just around the corner.


Hi mm and welcome. Just keep reading others' experiences and build up your resistance.


Hi mmaya,

Well done on your quit so far. It definitely does get better, I can tell you that first hand. It doesn't mean that I haven't thought about smoking probably several times since I quit, its just that those thoughts become increasingly more fleeting and easier to deal with.


Two weeks into my quit my car broke down. I had two kids in the car, one is disabled. Waited an hour for the AA to turn up, but 'luckily' a policeman pushed our car off the main roundabout into Chelmsford off the A12! We were towed by the AA and had to keep the car level with the back of their breakdown truck. I was so stressed, deep breathing imaginary cigarettes, even doing the hand actions, it was a nightmare scenario. Didn't smoke, but gosh it was so hard not to. Now, I don't find stress such a trigger because I know I can do it, it's moments that catch me off guard I find difficult.

I would chat to your OH as I'm sure he doesn't want you to smoke, tell him what you need help with for your quit to be successful, I don't know how old your kids are, but if they are little then this may be the time to let them on the computer, DVD or whatever their poison is a little longer to stop the arguments. Bath times and meal times can be extended too. Take them for a walk, mine rarely argued when busy. Try and make life a little easier for yourself this week. My 'shouty lady' time did disappear fairly quickly and early on, but it was very unpleasant at the time. :)


I am now 23 days without the smokes and I was very pleased that it actually felt easy today! I wish all days were this easy! I am very impressed with myself as well, I didn't think I would be able to go this far. I know the "big head sindrome" quiet well, that's how I failled the last time, so I'm just trying to keep it very quiet and live one day after the other. Thanks for ur words yesterday, it wasn't a very easy day for me, but you guys kept me busy and I DID NOT SMOKE :)


I feel like Bart simpson writing on the black board over & over: "I will not smoke today" "I will not smoke today" "I will not smoke today" "I will not smoke today" "I will not smoke today" "I will not smoke today" LOL hows everyone? Anyone losing it already? I'm still good, not thinking abt the demons all day but it's hitting me now!


Glad you got through your horrible day :) I know I had a minni meltdown around 3 weeks, I did use the forum for help and let off some steam. I have some cough candies handy even now if a get a crave. X


Hi maya I'm good thanks, on day 2 and not craving because I feel a bit poorly, the first few weeks are usually ok for me it's further on that I struggle, how has ur day been? X


Well done Maya, another day nearly over and some respite coming up when you are asleep :)

Dig in, and if thinking "I will not smoke today" works for you then great :)

Who'd have thought of Bart Simpson as a quit aid? :p

I look forward to seeing tomorrows post/s from you :)


Donnaj, good to hear from you, and congratulations for your day 2. My own experience everytime I try to stop is that the first 2/3 weeks are very painful, maybe other people have different experiences, but that is the reason why I do not want to smoke I don't have to go through the first 3 weeks again. this time, I have used a different method, I slept A LOTTTT! I was sick anyways so that kind of helped as I couldn't get off the bed, but sleeping through it helps. In my opinion - I accept it may be different from others - we are junkies and we have to give the fags the respect they deserve, a know people that stopped the drugs and were not able to stop smoking!

Once you go past the 3rd week, it's actually very easy to keep it up. Good luck and pls do keep me posted ;)


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