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Hello everyone, my name is Earl and I'm 23 years old. I started smoking when I was 18 and now I decided to try to quit smoking by joining your forum. Right now it's 4:34am here on my country and after posting this message I will go to sleep. I'm planning to visit this forum first before smoking tomorrow. I really wanted to stop smoking and I can't do it with out any help. I think meeting people who wants to quit or already have quit smoking like you guys will help me.

Also while quitting smoking I wanted to meet some friends here. Let's encourage each and everyone of us to stop smoking. I will always be online on this forum, I think this is the right place for me. I wanted to become healthier like I was before, please help me to quit smoking.

Tomorrow this is what I'm going to check first. I need more friends here to become my inspiration. Thank you..

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Hey Earl,

Welcome...you must be living in lands down under and living today tomorrow. No worries, read around and stop smoking.

Easy isn't it...nope. What you need to do is decide upon the method you wish to use to stop for the first wee while....patches, cold turkey, etc. It's important as that will get you past the early days.

Read, read, read...education is the key. Take that on board and decide when you are going to give this 100% of your attention. That is what you have to have to start this off because the first days can be quite trying.

In my sig are links to other sites that give tremendous information about stopping smoking right from the early days to sustaining a quit.

Post in this forum and make friends...we've all done that and have made the bestest of friends. Friends that help us to get through such a personally difficult but ultimately fantastic decision that affects our whole lives.

Earl, you can do this because we are all doing this. Join in and help us and the forum continue to do this for you and others that will come after you. Who knows...you stand a very good chance of becoming a non smoker too.


Hi earl, you will get lots of help on here mate & make friends to help you along.......I will look out for you tomorrow & a big good luck for it :)

I Pretty much echo Cavalier ! Lot's of luck Earl, you are in the right place and support is always here.

Thank you Cav, kitkat72, and fallen angel. I'm not successful today trying to quit smoking. After eating I don't know, It's like what I did on the past trying but failed as always. But there's a difference cause I had minimize the number of sticks I light-up today. Now that I have you guys I think I have a better chance of quitting on this habit. I think I need more focus and I think I have to throw away these cigarettes into the trash can but doing it is not easy for me.

Currently I'm reading the site on your signature Cav and after this I'll read some posts here on this forum. Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it.

Cav it's so effective. Everytime I wanted to smoke I just read it and after that it feels like my cravings to smoke was gone. By the way I've put a timer on my phone 72 hours (3 days) countdown. On 3 days I'll try to stop smoking and endure the withdrawal symptoms, I hope I'll make it.

Good luck on your planned quit Earl.

All I can do is repeat others at this point really & suggest you read, read read till you can't read anymore :p Use the knowledge to build your strength & determination.


I did it for today. I didn't smoke today, I hope I can also do it tomorrow.

Hi Earl and welcome to the family :)

Well done you on your first smoke free day - it's a great feeling getting to the end of day 1. You never have to do today again :cool: Stay strong and let us know how you're doing

I did it for today. I didn't smoke today, I hope I can also do it tomorrow.

brilliant good news earl :) 1 day done..going into day 2 ...punch the air mate, good luck for tomoz :)

My second day is also successful. I think I can do it, the first day is like a hell and on the second day I already knew what to do. I hope after 3 days the craving will be gone, but I'm sure the craving becomes lesser and lesser as the day passed without smoking.

I really think I can do it and it's because of you guys and also because of this forum. Thanks a lot!

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