3 years 14th Jan 2015

Hello to all...

Just checking in......... It's been 3 years for me on Jan 14th 2015 (Just gone), and still feeling great!!!!!! Best thing I have ever done was to give up the smokes.

No more yellow fingers, or stained teeth and bad chest...

For those who are entering the penthouse or on day 1 look forward to your new journey, it's worth it, you are worth it...!!!!

Take care, Lance

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  • So lovely of you post, I do hope you feel awesome, because that is indeed what you are.

    THANKYOU got your post it will obviously inspire many including my self.

    Fantastic and THANKYOU

  • Fantastic Lance! :D

    There have been a few 'Three Year' quitter posts recently and it really is an inspiration to know you're all still going strong.

    All the best to you for your Year Four is all I can say. :)

  • Thanks for your post and a huge well done xx

  • Hi All,

    And thankyou for your replies and kind words... I truly feel 100% better and funny enough 'Less' stressed.....

    I suffer from Bipolar, so before quitting the smokes I was worried about how giving up would effect my Mental Health etc 'Believing' that smoking helped cope with stress.....How wrong was I LOL, Personally!!! I feel better mentally and physically from quitting and enjoying my new addition, called 'Life'

    Take care, Lance.

  • Glad that you have enjoyed starting life.... 3 years is so good I can only imagine what it must feel like going that far and being able to look back....

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