3 Years gone check in

Hi, just popped in to see if this place is still going, this forum is pretty much responsible for me not having a single puff for the last 3 years. And trust me, smoking isn't even a consideration in my life anymore.

So for anyone in the early stages I hope this is encouragement, stick at it, it's easy and well worth the slight annoyance for the first wee while.


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  • Hi there and well done. Yes, we're all still here thrashing about! inspirational post though, thanks


    Thats a great post :)

    Onwards and upwards is the only way to go

  • Followed your footsteps a month later. Congratulations on 3 years quit!

  • Well done John! and the same here couldn't have done it without the great people on here at the time!

    Here's to a smoke free future. x:)

  • Thank you John! I'm 3 1/2months quit and still have some tough days so it's great to know that at some point smoking is no longer a consideration... (not that I would smoke now, but I'm sure you understand what I mean?!)

    Well done, and here's to us all being smoke free :)

  • ITs good to know that the early part of a quit ,and i consider 4mths early, is just a small inconvenience. thanks for getting back to us, now we know wherewe are heading.

    mash x

  • Hi John

    I am only on day 12 of my quit but already feeling positive so its great to hear from someone a few years down the line!



  • :) Hi John, WELL DONE on 3years.

    I am on 12 days today, but this is going to be me last quit.

    Thanks for your inspiration.


    Quit Date: 10.2.12

  • well done on your 3 years

    i love your method not buying or smoking fags made me laugh


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