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back again, this time for good.

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having stopped for three weeks at the beginning of the year and then slipped up, I had a couple more desultory attempts but was so fully of 'oh, I've failed, why even bother' that I have been smoking more these last few weeks than I was before I stopped in January. Anyway enough is enough. The moment of truth came last night when I realised that I had spent more time sneaking out into the garden to light up than I had playing with my daughter - and it was mother's day too! I have got to shake of the death grip of this nasty addiction. So, here goes.

I am going to try cold turkey with emergency ecigs. My problem is mostly psychological (the 'I deserve it' followed by any number of poor excuses) rather than physical. Has anyone tried hypnosis as a method? I thought it might change my outlook but am a bit of a scaredy cat about things I don't really know (and I don't want to start clucking like a chicken whenever the doorbell rings!):rolleyes:

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Don't ever give up giving up. I have a friend who quit with hypnosis and stayed quit. Don't know if it works for everyone though. Haven't thought about trying it myself. I read Allan Carrs book and that helped me tremendously it certainly altered my way of thinking about smoking. I'm 10 days into my quit and since finishing the book I have not had any really bad craves. I have a kindle so I downloaded it and I have it on my phone also so if I'm out with my smoking friends and feel tempted I read a couple of pages and it definitely helps to keep my resolve. I have an ecig too but I only use nicotine free liquid dont want to keep feeding Nicodemon but I haven't felt the need to use it for a couple of days now.

Hi i too have just quit - on Mother's Day - figured it would be the best pressie to myself and kids. As per my name my kids and most of my family don t know I smoke, so know all about sneaking into the garden, out to the car, checking the washing etc just to have a sm then coming in and hoping the mint will disguise the smell!! Btw I have smoked (a lot of it in secret as too embarrassed to admit it) for over 25 yrs - I am only in my early forties - so this is a must for me now. I downloaded allen carr s book and read it with the aim of finishing last page and last fag on sat night ready for my new start on mother s day. You can do it, just think not one puff ever - NOPE - that was my problem on my last quit last yr - never intended for it to be for ever. This time it has to be. I am fed up of feeling guilty and miserable and generally worrying about smoking. Let s do it together !!!

I think once you stop thinking of cigarettes as treats that's half the battle. A cigarette was my time, no kids around time, I have finished the ironing I deserve a cigarette!! Since when did something smelly expensive that shortens your life become a reward!! Now I see a bath as a treat, reading a good book, playing with the kids ( have loads more energy for that) You can both do here regularly when you are doing well and if you are struggling...xx

Hi Kent, sounds like you have a good plan in place, having emergency ecigs if things get too tough is good, anything is better than smoking real fags, just think of the hot boiling black smoke going into your lungs whenever you took a drag, coating them with tar.....hmmm not so appealing now? Xx

I had hypnosis and couldn't wait to have a fag as soon as it was over, lol. cold turkey is hard, if you feel tempted you have a back up plan B. You will find CT really hard at times but it does stop you having effectively 2 quits, one the fags and eventually nicotine.

Remember cigarettes are not a reward, you don't deserve a cigarette, why would anyone reward themselves with a poison? All you are doing is feeding your nicotine addiction. Really hope this time you make it. x

Oh go on then, I'll bite - WTF is 'bio-energy'?

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Man you just made me laugh....ahahahah....but Im with you, have no idea what it is!

Welcome back :)

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