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Back again... armed with Champix this time!!

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Well I'm planning what I hope to be my final quit! I'm fed up with this battle so went and got Champix from the doctor. Currently on Day 2 of Champix and have set my quit day for Day 8 (2nd July)!

Wish me luck, look forward to chatting to you all again!!

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good luck with the new quit date, hope all goes well, im on day 15 now and doing ok had a few bad days but getting there !!

Well done for coming too :o Champix worked really well for me last time (lasted nearly 6 months) and I'm hoping it will this time too. My quit date is set for the same day as yours, though I'm now on day 6 of taking Champix. I wish you all the best in your quit xx.

Mrs mash

Good to see you back. This is the one, you can do it. Look forward to seeing the days and months roll by.

Just kept telling yourself you are a non smoker and believe.


Yay Mrs Mash I've been missing you :D

Good luck on ya new potato - oops I mean quit :p I find Champix helpful, will have completed my first month in 22 mins time ;) So if I can you can!!

Wishing you all the best and can't wait to see you quit again :cool:

Zoe xxxx

Aww thanks for your well wishes folks!! Looking forward to starting again!! Glad to hear the Champix had been working well for you's!!

Aww missed you too Zoe, well done on your month achievement, hope I'm saying the same this time next month

Hey good luck with the new venture! funnily enough im of to the docs in half an hour to get zyban lol i feel i just need the poisen out of my body and ill be fine, but i need that help with withdrawal which nrt trys to do...but not really.

im abit scared though :( but ive told one family memeber and one friend i see daily so they can monitor my mood :D

keep us updated about your journey xxx

Good luck Mrs Mash.

Champix really helped me through those early weeks - without a doubt, they helped me to get my quit established. I hope that they work for you, too. :)

Well just thought I drop in and say hi, then move to the Day 5 section, woohoo go me!!

Had my last smoke at 8 o'clock last Sunday and have been doing well since thanks to Champix!

Hope your all doing well!

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