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Friday was bad. Drinking, arguments etc. No excuse for the one cigarette I smoked! I feel like s*!t for it too. It wasn't nice and it didn't calm me down in anyway at all, just made me feel worse. I didn't want to post on here having come so far as I feel so stupid. I should be posting in day 6 really, I will post in the correct room next time. :mad::o:(

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So sorry Nicky- it was very courageous of you to 'fess up' to it in my opinion. At least you know now that however stressful the situation (and no matter how much drink has been consumed) smoking doesn't help the situation at all- quite the reverse in fact.

Never mind. You've learned from the experience and you won't be tripped up again. You're back on the horse which is the main thing, and you'll soon be back to where you were.


Yep just go straight back in to another quit as use it as a learning curve


The last time I failed, I didn't have the courage to come back to this forum and start again. It took me over 2 years to get back. In my eyes you're a better quitter than me already. Kick ass this time Nic xxx


Hello Nicky,

I am so sorry to hear that you feel bad, but I am a bit surprised too! Since you quit around the same time as me, I felt like I understand how you feel more than I understand how others feel. And I didn't think you'd have one.

In a grand scheme of things, one cigarette is nothing. It only has a meaning if you give it one. I applaud you if you had only that one and just continued with your quit after that. I am not so sure I'd be able to do that.

Stay strong my quitting buddy!


Hi everyone, I'm still here. I'm going to ignore that cigarette, the only people who even know about it are my OH and my daughter, both were disappointed but they are happy that I don't want another, and I genuinely don't, which makes me feel great! So, I'm going to stay here. Thank you for all you positive comments :)


One over a week ago isn't too bad and, IMHO, doesn't mean you have to start at day 1 again.


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