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Almost Failing !!!


Day 11 not smoking and I have bought a packet of cigerettes, (not had one yet but I know I will) ! Feel really disappointed in myself even buying them let alone anything else but I don't feel happy at all. The pressure is getting to me and it is like someone catching you with your hand in the cookie jar and giving you a telling off. After gaining 5lbs in my first 9 days, I feel sooooooooooooo sluggish and fat and my jeans are tight. Seriously I cannot believe I am this bloated.

You have to be happy within yourself in what your doing and I just feel that I am not willing to let myself get any bigger in this quitting process. I would end up a really unhappy fat non smoker, and then I would still be unhappy so where is the point in this, (apart from obvious health reasons of course which i am so clued up on now). I still think I need to approach this in another way, Ie obviously not substituting food for ciggies would be a good start, and not to let myself get that bored at night that it is all I think about.

Anyway I have proven to myself that I actually do NOT need a cigerette 25 times a day at all, and I actually can go longer than 20 mins for a ciggie as well. It has really opened my eyes to alot of things in what my habit makes me do.

If I dont smoke it will be a mirracle since I actually have got them in the house now, (I am banning myself from smoking inside the house though because I have enjoyed having a smoke free home) I just think it is like when your told NOT to do something your more likely to rebel and do it. its definately all in the mind !

I am letting myself down after doing so well but we are only here once and to put this amount of pressure on ourselves is hard as well.

Well that is my disappointing update for the day.

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there are a lot of worrying indicators in that post - first of all, you've taken for granted that you will smoke one from the pack (and we all know what one leads to!).

Second of all, you don't really sound ready for quitting. If you think 'oh, I've proven to myself I can do it, I'll just try again later with another method' then you haven't done your reading. There may be no later, you may never get another chance at this! Also, if you really want to stop substituting fags with food then why not start now? Do something else, ANYTHING else.. just DON'T smoke! The weight WILL NOT magically drop off (contrary to what your brain is telling you right now) and smoking will fix nothing.

think about how bad you feel right now about the prospect of smoking and now multiply that feeling by 1000... You're gonna feel that way after you smoke.. and then to deal with the guilt you'll have another and another and another until you're a (guilty-feeling) smoker again!

So, you're not willing to let yourself get any bigger? ask yourself if you are willing to carry on killing yourself slowly then...? The weight you can change later (or now if you want!) but the life that cigs suck out of you is something you can never get back.

At the end of the day it's your choice - why not choose life?!

If you have cigarettes - you'll smoke one - and then another - and another.....

Scrunch them up immediately - or soak them in water.

It is hard to go without the nicotine - but you won't die from not smoking.

Hope you can resist. But if you can't - don't let a slight set back stop you from trying again.

Eleven days without a cigarette is good - 12 days will be even better !

Well...personally I'd take that pack of cigs and run them under the tap, whilst reprimanding myself about wasting good money buying them in the first place.

Many of us can sympathise exactly where you're at, Linda, especially the substituting food for fags issue. Possibly think of low calorie substitutes instead like celery or even that suggestion I was reminded about recently...getting a bunch of white grapes and freeze them. Pop them into your mouth for a low calorie, healthy and tasty alternative.

You have proven to yourself that you can do 11 days, you have learned a lot about stopping smoking...put the smokes away (in water) and resolve to continue and build upon those 11 days. Resolve to using low calorie food substitutes instead, read, post, rant on this Forum.

PMA to you at this time, Linda :cool:

Oh Linda please try not to give in you have come so far, you are probably having a down day which I have had many times it will pass.

The weight you can loose, I am going to the gym now I couldn't before got out of breath!!! I am on day 51 after smoking for over 30 years, if you had said to me 2 months ago you can do this I would have laughed and said no way! But I have and the way I see it if others can so can I. So Linda the weight you can loose you can't cure heart disease, or cancer.

Sending big hugs (eat low calorie snacks, fruit )


quit 15 feb cold turkey

freedom at last:(

Thanks !!!

Thanks for all your comments, I feel guilty enough even buying them and your comments are making me feel even more guilty as well. I have not opened the packet and will think more about what I have done in even going to get them in the first place.

Definately not happy re weight though and I am sure you all understand that this is actually a big thing as well. I dont want to get to week 3 ,4 or 5 and then discover it is a stone. Although weight is not as critical as cigerettes health wise it would be if it got out of control.

I have never tried to quit before and I do agree that I have done really well so far and it would be a shame to stop now. I have been so pleased with myself really and surprised myself as well, It is not even the craving I have it is more the physical side of it. I dont know what to do with myself.

Thanks for hugs bet x

Looby, you've come so far! Think of it this way - you can lose weight any time you want in the future by watching what you eat and exercising (which will be a heck of a lot easier when not smoking). As you are very aware it is not so easy to quit smoking. It's easier to lose the weight than deal with the consequences of smoking! Hope you make the right decision matey x

best place for ciggies is the bin,,, but drench them 1st so u dont go rumaging ...weve all bin there....mashx:cool:

Hi Looby

Are you still taking your Champix? Cos if you are the minute you put that fag in your mouth it's going to taste like hell. That's what it does, doesn't it?

Pleeeeeeease don't do it hun. You have done so well.


Loobyloobylooby... PLEASE don't do it.

Smoking is an addiction that is incredibly hard to control. If you have one now, you're on the slippery slope back to being a full time smoker again. And there is NOT ONE THING GOOD ABOUT THIS.

So you've realised that you're replacing the fags with food because you're a bit bored and pissed off and discontented. Will breathing smoke in and out make you magically less bored and pissed off and discontented? NO! But I bet if you put your mind to it you could find some stuff to do that *would* make you happier.

Your metabolism readjusts when you quit, it's true. Almost everyone puts a bit of weight on. But as the others have said, you can lose a few pounds. You can't cure lung cancer. Yes, it's not great to feel lardy, but it's a damn sight better than sucking on an oxygen mask because the emphysema has made it next to impossible to breathe. Everyone gets a bit down at some stage in the quit, but it does get better. Really. I promise.

You can fix the weight. Don't use it as an excuse to go back to smoking. PLEASE.

We're all hoping you soak those cigs in a glass of water and look at the disgusting black mess it makes and heave a sigh of relief that you didn't cave...

(((((big hugs)))))


Hey Linda

You posted support for me, so I'll return the favour!

You've done brilliantly so far, and it would be a shame to waste it. If I had a suggestion it would be to do one thing at a time. Beat the ciggies now, and stay off them - then tackle the weight.

You've been through tough times - don't waste that pain.

Good luck!!!

Ciggies are gone ! Not smoked

Gave ciggies to neighbour who smokes, good god you have all been so bossy and making me feel soooooooooooooo guilty and bad, THANKS ! You are all right though, I cant get this far and give up now, I actually dont want to smoke and that is the reason I stopped. My neighbour gave me the money for them as well, bonus !

I am going to eat salads, thats it, no cakes no sweets no chocs or nothing I have to lose what I have put on I feel so sluggish its horrible, Well I might have one wee cake per week.

Thanks you lot, I have not smoked any ciggies and I am still smoke free on day 11

God I am no telling you lot anything again lol !



That took real guts. BLOODY WELL DONE.

I'm SO chuffed. You star.


Well done :D

The weight gain is awful and also getting to me right now. I think it is because of summer coming and all those tight fitting clothes! Lets first crack the not smoking and then worry about the weight and getting fit after???

(I am eating a cadburys creme egg as we type and have already consumed loads of homemade shortbread tonight so need a dieting buddy!)

(I am eating a cadburys creme egg as we type and have already consumed loads of homemade shortbread tonight so need a dieting buddy!)

Or someone to take that shortbread off your hands :cool::cool::cool:.

Great news I knew you could do it!!!!!!

see my hug worked he he he . xx

quit 15 feb cold turkey

Woooooooo! Do tell us next time though!

Look pal, you are one day in front of me, I have been smoke free for 10 days, I feel like smoking but whats the point, all your hard work will be for nothing, you clothes will start to smell again.

Crush up the packet of cigarettes and you will feel better, if you have them sitting around you will smoke them, I went down that road a few years ago.

Your mind will play tricks on you, dont give up pal


Been thinking about this a lot... I really can't tell you how impressed I am. Because if I'd had a packet of tobacco in my hand in those first couple of weeks, I couldn't have resisted.

I can say this now safely, as you've got rid of them :D

But seriously. Kudos.

H x

Oh Looby i am sooooo happy that you got rid of the cigs. You've worked so hard to get to this point. It just shows that the support on here is mega.

You have just shown great strength, having a pack in your hand and resisting, id say thats another hurdle crossed. Well done you!!!

I worried about the weight thing, so in preparation i got myself a second hand exercise bike and healthier food and i chew on gum and mints so i dont over eat. Its a new way of life and its hard adjusting, but one step at a time.

((((((hugs))))))) youve done yourself proud

so happy you resisted!! good good good :)

Wow - well done!! That's what I call determination - what a star! :D

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