No Smoking Day
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Hey fighters,

I just wanted to share that mornings are so much better for me since I quit, especially in last couple of months. They have to be the best time of the day to really feel the benefits of not smoking. Also, mornings were pretty much the only times I really didn't want to smoke but had to since I was addicted. I enjoyed the nicotine rush since I was addicted, but I never really enjoyed the taste nor smell of fags in the mornings.

All this combined with the facts that I:

[*]Have little to no congestion when I wake up

[*]Can talk right away and do whatever I like

[*]Even smile and feel happy in the mornings

Is the reason alone to quit and stay quit.

I always thought I just "wasn't the morning person". Turns out I was just a smoker.

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Always good to hear from you Kacmins- such wise words :)

....And you very nearly have 8 months under your belt! Wow- the Penthouse is within touching distance now...:)


That's funny lostie, it just goes to prove there are numerous hidden benefits.

You're totally right Max, one can't see the things clearly when the mind is still smoky ;)

Things are definitely getting better. No coughing nor bad breath in the morning. Looking forward to more untold rewards :)


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