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Back in town, still fag free

Hi all

Haven't been about for ages, so many things going on.....New job, new lifestyle. Emmy and I are both still going strong, 6 months already. I see a lot of familiar faces online, and loads of new ones too!

I have promised myself to check in more often now things have calmed down a bit.

Gizmo the piggy says hi too :)

Hope you are all doing well on your quit, wherever you may be on the journey

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Hey Andy!! :D:D:D:D

I was thinking about you (and Gizmo) only the other day. How lovely to see you and how wonderful to hear that you & Emmy are still ploughing forward. HUGE congratulations on your six month anniversary! There's clearly going to be no stopping the pair of you now.

Do tell how things are going with your new job, etc, and if a few pics of Gizmo could wing their way to the forum it would be grand to see his dear little face. :)


Just so lovely all s still going well, great news


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