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Hi chaps

This is the first time I've posted on here and my first day of not smoking. I really hope I can do it this time?! I gave up before for about 5 years but I've been back smoking for another seven now 😕 I am going to use this forum for some additional support as giving up is hard!!! Good luck to anyone else who is trying to kick this horrible habit too x 2

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  • Morning Eyes, wish you allow the best for today? What do you think will be the hardest parts of today? I've been taking 5 really deep breaths when felt a craving and it has helped. I'll look forward to hearing how your day can do it!!!!!!

  • Thanks guys fingers crossed for today 💪💪😊

  • Good luck BrightEyes, we're all with you :)

  • Indeed we are BrightEyes (and your eyes will, indeed, be a whole lot brighter and sparklier as a result of your quit :))

    A BiG fAT WELCOME to the forum from me too. I shall be cheering you on and am sending lots of positive Day One vibes your way. You did it before for 5 whole years and I am sure you can do it again (and this time forever).

    All the best for today :D

  • Well its 1640 and holding up.....few cravings but using patches so manageable. Thanks for the words of encouragement 😊😊

  • Nice one, BE :)

    Weekends can be challenging especially at first (as I am sure you recall from last time) but keep occupied (and indulge yourself a bit too) and before you know it, a whole week will have passed.

  • Hi, you can do this, and your last quit was a LNG one, let's get past that, so nice to have you board

  • Well done for getting through today with such a positive attitude - you know from your long quit before that you can do this. There are lots of people on the forum who can help with motivation, tips and general common sense when things get tough.

    Love the user name - although it's making me sing and think about little rabbits as I type!!

  • Thanks guys and chose user name as this is what I'll have once totally out of the woods. I'll keep posting and reading and I'm sure this will help me along and for now ill take it a day at a time 😊

  • Hello & Welcome Bright Eyes, well done on making the decision to go for freedom. This is a great support forum and everyone here is so lovely. I've been back and forth here over the years, a major serial quitter but this is it. I'm not going back. We can do this!

    Holler anytime and we'll be there to help :)

  • Welcome to the forum Bright Eyes. I hope Day 2 is going well for you.

  • Hi chaps on day 3 with a slip 😡 will work hard so that doesn't happen again x

  • BE, well done for getting straight back on the horse. Learn from the slip and put it behind you. You'll be that much stronger next time you're confronted by a similar trigger.

    That was the practise run- here's to the real thing. :D

  • Felt good today not craved too much but I know that's day by day. ... exercising every night too. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.. Thanks everyone x

  • Hi bright eyes, unlucky with the slip.... if you really want it then I'm sure you will not poison yourself again. You have done well for 5 years, make this a lifer

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